Super Bowl 2024 Creative Effectiveness Report

Super Bowl LVIII was one for the books. From the ultimate football sweetheart moment to some truly funny ads, 2024’s Big Game brought us lots of laughs and reconnected us with some core memories – and clarity on the turn selfward.

But who were the ad winners and who left us wanting more? Through LINK AI, Kantar’s creative measurement solution built on the world’s largest creative normative database, of the 67 ads measured, only 12 ads reached “top performer” status among priority Super Bowl measures: Impact, Power and Enjoyment.

See who got it right, as well as in-game advertising trends, what consumers are looking for, and the impact of advertising during the Big Game in our Super Bowl 2024 Creative Effectiveness Report. 

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Webinar: Super Bowl LVIII & the future of fandom

Super Bowl LVIII is gearing up to be a game like never before. Younger generations are engaging with football in a way that creates new opportunities, and challenges, for America’s greatest game. View our annual Super Bowl webinar where Kantar experts uncovered how Gen-Z is transforming the future of football fandom, what Super Bowl LVIII means for streaming and media in 2024, evolving media strategies, and creative trends to watch heading into the Big Game.

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Super Bowl 2024

On Brand with Kantar: Is the Super Bowl a safe space for brand purpose?

On Brand with Kantar is our new LinkedIn Live series where brand experts discuss and debate issues vital to today’s brand marketers. In our first episode, host Margot Acton and her guest Wendy Gerber tackled Brand Purpose in Super Bowl Advertising. Is there still a place for purpose in the Big Game and beyond, or is the risk too great for brands amid our current political culture wars? View the session to find out!

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