Technology is changing everything. Plug in to Kantar's expertise to understand the path to adoption and usage, and the key trends to uncover growth. 


With the proliferation of technology choices available to consumers, it's getting harder and harder to grow brand share. For manufacturers of smartphones, laptops, tablets, wearables, and TVs, network operators and brands from other categories, Kantar’s dedicated global technology insight experts show you how to optimize your marketing strategy to grow market share by category. Brand ecosystems are increasingly important in technology, so we can also show you how to unlock cross-category potential.

How we help you

  • Increase your brand’s market share


    Forging a strong customer bond and building relationships with influential advocates improves the chances of a technology brand succeeding. Understanding which elements of the brand or device specification drives purchases helps you ensure you have a product offering, at the correct price-point, that appeals to prospects and customers. We measure all the brands in a category to help you understand the competition and where best to play, and we track customer experience and satisfaction so you can better understand what consumers are looking for from their devices, and their pain points. Specialists from our longitudinal panels help track patterns through switching and loyalty analysis to advise on your customer acquisition and retention strategies.

  • Track the consumer purchase journey


    Tech brands require a full picture of the consumer decision-making journey to see at which stages they are performing well or under-performing. Understanding triggers for purchase e.g. a broken device, or new features offered, or price/promotion, helps you understand the start of that journey. Ensuring a brand is in the consideration pool, by building awareness and equity, is important. We help you identify relevant touchpoints and capture real-time feedback to direct your development, marketing and messaging efforts.

  • Maximize advertising ROI


    Identifying important segments to create growth is a core business strategy for most technology companies. Communicating with these audiences with the right mix of channels, messaging creative and format is a top priority. Many brands are unclear how to deliver against their KPIs through a communications strategy. We work with technology clients to seamlessly ensure media targeting, online and offline, of key segments is efficient, by directly activating our audiences.