The exponential growth of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, has generated unprecedented upheaval and triggered far-ranging impacts on the global landscape. Get updates and insights to help your brand manage the effects of COVID-19 and prepare for the future.


COVID-19 Barometer

The leading syndicated study on how COVID-19 is influencing consumer behaviour, attitudes and expectations, covering over 60 markets.
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The pandemic has had a profound impact on how Americans view their homes. What’s changed and what's here to stay?
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For many Americans, the true sign that the pandemic was really a crisis occurred when major league sports suspended play.
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A majority in the USA, UK, France Germany and Italy are ‘likely’ to take the coronavirus vaccine, but a much smaller percentage said they would ‘definitely’ take it.
COVID19 Vaccination Public Opinion
View data around people’s potential acceptance of a COVID-19 vaccine, their concerns about safety, and trust in public health authorities.