Celebrating the championship’s most effective ads

With EURO 2024 kicking off, we’re putting the ads of the world’s biggest brands to the test. Throughout the tournament, we’re scoring the factors that drive ad effectiveness and long-term brand growth.

We’re comparing the ads against the world's largest advertising database, our secret weapon for helping brands craft impactful ads. The goal? To crack the creative code for crafting the perfect ad – one that scores highly on impact, ignites fan passion and stands out from the crowd.

This campaign harnesses the power of AI, human insights and in-market performance using LINK AI, LINK+, and BrandDynamics on Kantar Marketplace. This, plus Kantar’s unique expertise, provides the industry’s most complete view of creative effectiveness. 

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Results will be released early in July. 

Our ad testing so far

Curry's EURO Ad Analysis - Kantar Best Ads of EURO 2024

IRN-BRU Ad Analysis Card - Kantar Best Ads of EURO 2024

Hisense Ad Analysis Card - Kantar Best Ads of EURO 2024

Paddy Power Ad Analysis Card - Kantar Best Ads of EURO 2024

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