Kantar Talks 2020 was a unique digital event bringing brands, agencies and experts together to share inspiration and practical advice on the biggest challenge facing brands today: Resilience and Recovery. As consumers re-evaluate brand choices and household budgets fall, entirely new behaviours are emerging. Understanding these changes to how people think, feel, shop, share, vote and view – and acting on them quickly – is fundamental for survival.

Sustainability played a major role in many of the sessions. From creating a winning purpose, through to how you drive behaviour change, the critical importance of race and gender in society and to how you predict and measure the future.

We have compiled all six sustainability led session for you to watch again and have linked some additional resources to inspire you.

Sustainable Transformation Good Intentions
The value of good intentions: Unlocking growth through sustainable behaviour
Using Kantar’s proprietary behaviour change model and our interactive never-before-seen Moments of Change game, we will look at how to drive behaviour change and unlock growth.
Sustainable Reputation
Sustainable reputation: The new frontier for building resilience
In conversation with Gemma Tedder (Tesco), we look at the relationship between a company’s sustainability strategy and its engagement with all stakeholder audiences. 
black lives matter uk protest
Black Lives Matter: Leveraging the power of brands for a new future
Karen Blackett, WPP; June Sarpong, BBC and David Lammy, MP, speak to Bart Michels about the importance of being part of the race conversation.
strong resilient champion woman
COVID-19 and the impact on women: The seismic shift in women’s role and perceptions in society
Hear from Justine Roberts, Mumsnet & Gransnet, and Alex Mahon, Channel 4, on the changes in women’s lives – testing the hypothesis that as a new female persona emerges, a new female consumer emerges too.
Top 100 sustainable brands
Introducing the UK’s top 100 most sustainable brands – and the role of AI-powered customer centricity to help to predict sustainability trends & behaviours
who cares who does

Who cares, who does?

Climate change and plastic are still top concerns for consumers, but did the actions they take change during COVID-19? How do solutions to reduce environmental impact differ by category? What is the most sustainable group of the population, and how do they behave?
a winning purpose
A winning Purpose: What is Purpose in today’s world, and how to get ready for what’s next
We all know and understand the importance of adopting a strong brand purpose to flourish, but do we know what that means in the current environment?