Developing global sustainability storytelling for Fonterra

Fonterra sustainability
Identifying the core message and the cultural nuances needed for maximum impact in four key markets.
Jan Wilkinson Group Marketing Manager, Sustainability,"Kantar partnered closely with us across multiple stages and markets to help us test and develop our sustainability story. We now have a global creative platform that we can take to all our customers and consumers anywhere alongside a good understanding of how and where that key messaging should be nuanced."


Fonterra’s goal of becoming a in sustainability leader means it needs to tell a sustainability story in line with consumers’ values while also customising outputs to the nuances of different global markets.

More specifically, there was a need to understand creative and messaging expectations of consumers and how Fonterra should reach them with the right sustainability and provenance message, delivered in the right way. 


Stage One – NZ-based desk and qualitative research to prioritise the Swords and Shields for both the Fonterra and Anchor brands and offer any initial creative execution guidance.

Stage Two – qualitative research in China, USA, Malaysia and NZ to prioritise and optimise different sustainability and provenance creative executions and territories.


NZ’s nature-based farming systems formed the bedrock of a global creative platform. The opportunity to tell Fonterra’s end-to-end sustainability story across B2B, B2B2C and consumer brands was clear.

The creative platform was articulated in more detail around its key pillars of Grass-fed, Animal Wellbeing and Methane Reduction. In addition, specific executional advice was provided, customised to different cultures and markets across taglines, scripts, imagery and  messaging.


The project has fed directly into:

  1. The development of a global creative platform that demonstrates Fonterra’s unique link to NZ and reinforces their social licence to operate.
  2. Creative execution across social media assets, video scripts and 
  3. On-farm process e.g. farm environment plans and other investments based on consumer demand.
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