Establishing sustainability in a ten-year brand strategy

Libby Williams, Senior Manager, Marketing“Kantar’s qualitative and quantitative brand insights informed our consumer brand focus areas for the long term. An ongoing partnership with Kantar will ensure real-time assessment of strategy.”


Australian salmon producer Tassal needed guidance on how to address sustainability, either as a strategic pillar within its consumer brand strategy, or as a corporate mission. 


Shopper research uncovered the nuances of sustainability as a consumer concern, while our MDS Framework and Brand Structures Analysis determined the contribution to preference of different sustainability aspects. We established that only some foundational claims – e.g., ‘sustainably sourced’ or ‘biodegradable packaging’ – have a big impact in the fresh protein category. Additionally, we found younger consumers (18-35) have the highest level of
receptiveness. However, consumers still buy unsustainable brands that have a lower price.


Our unique blend of research helped Tassal decide to include sustainability as one of five pillars in its ten-year consumer brand strategy. The company also decided to take a holistic approach to sustainability, with the support of all marketing mixes, acknowledging it has a role to play, although not at the expense of other important aspects like taste, health and convenience.

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