Grocery inflation hit 12.4% in August and with no signs of slowing, shoppers, manufactures and retailers are all facing into the challenge ahead.

Join us as we explore some of the biggest topics related to grocery inflation and the impact of the cost-of-living crisis right across our industry. 

Cost of liv - webinar 1

Shopper coping strategies

Shoppers are employing a variety of coping strategies to manage their household budgets. We take a closer look at what shoppers say they’re doing compared to what they’re actually buying.

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Cost of liv - webinar 2

Inflation and the impact on sustainability

With grocery prices increasing sustainability is taking a backseat in many cases.

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Cost of liv - christmas

A first look at Christmas 2022

With December fast approaching, a look at shopper intentions around this year’s festive season.

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Cost of liv - webinar 5

The role of innovation amidst the cost-of-living crisis

Innovation during tough times: Brand building and NPD are critical.

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Cost of liv - webinar 6

Reimagining retail

With the cost-of-living crisis showing no signs of stopping, shoppers are recalibrating their spend with knock-on implications for suppliers.

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Cost of liv - webinar 7

Bigger isn’t always better

Shoppers are looking for value and pack size matters.

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Cost of liv - webinar 4

How the cost-of-living crisis is changing consumption habits

Trading down, trading up and trading off: How shoppers are changing consumption habits to beat rising costs.

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