Our Eco Segmentation sits at the core of Who Cares? Who Does?, Worldpanel’s study that connects consumer attitudes and actions to real shopping behaviour across all the categories in the FMCG space. It divides the global population into three distinct consumer groups based on their plastic waste footprint.

We segment people based on the actions they take to reduce plastic. The actions we look at are everyday activities, from using a refillable water bottle to avoiding fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic packaging.

Our Eco Segmentation has three groups: Eco Actives, Eco Considerers and Eco Dismissers.

Eco Actives dropped by 3% in 2022 compared to 2021 and 2020, while Eco Dismissers rose by 7% to 36% of the population in the UK.

We can answer:

  • Will your sustainable proposition stand up to increased value scrutiny?
  • Are you doing enough to make your sustainable credentials stand out?
  • Do you understand the barriers that create the value-action gap in your category?
  • How can you fight the sentiment that a sustainable choice has to be a compromise?

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