UK market research industry action group launches ambitious plan for tackling the climate crisis

07 February 2022

Kantar is a proud member of the Insight Climate Collective, a group of representatives of the UK’s research industry, which came together in response to the recognition that the insight sector lacked an organising force for climate change action.

The aim of the collective is to create a space for debate, dialogue, resource-sharing, education, and activism in our industry.

The Insight Climate Collective has recently published Net-Zero In Sight – a call to arms for the industry, outlining how to harness the skills and talents of our people to answer the climate emergency.

It sets out practical steps that any insights business can take to get started on their journey towards Net-Zero, and in empowering their clients and stakeholders to develop and execute their own climate goals.

The report contains the “Big Five” suggested actions everyone in the industry can take to tackle the climate emergency in their own business:

  • Find your climate champions: Set up a dedicated team to work on your strategy.
  • Report on, then reduce, emissions: Measure and report on major business emissions.
  • Remove what can’t be reduced: Remove any carbon emissions which truly cannot be avoided through a verified supplier.
  • Iterate and improve: Strive for best practice, stay abreast of new advice and strive for accuracy and completeness in your measurements.
  • Educate and engage: Make time to educate staff not just on your own company’s Net-Zero journey, but on the broader context: the climate crisis, its causes and solutions.

We also encourage all insight businesses to sign up to the MRS Net-Zero pledge and commit to reducing the emissions generated by our industry to true Net-Zero by 2026. It’s an ambitious task, but ambition is required in tackling this era-defining struggle.

To read Net-Zero In Sight, visit: and to join the conversation head to the Insight Climate Collective group on LinkedIn.