Idea Screening & Optimisation
Getting the right idea early, and getting to market fast, is the key to innovation success.

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Identify the best opportunities that are grounded in real consumer needs and tensions. Test and optimise those ideas quickly and iteratively to increase their appeal and value for your brand. Accelerate speed to market with the confidence you have the right ideas and opportunities.

Gonçalo Vilarhino, Global Marketing Director at Activia, said

“Seven came at a crucial moment. We were struggling to identify the way forward. We needed consumer-driven inspiration to ensure the right direction for our brand. And we needed this fast.

Seven allowed us to explore new innovation ideas based on consumer insights very quickly, co-create different concepts with Kantar experts, and identify optimisation routes.”

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Key features

Compelling human insight

Great innovation starts with a clear human need. Our observation-based approach gets to the heart of needs and tensions.

Crowd ideation

With the creative power of our global crowdsourcing community of 325,000+, we generate up to 50 new breakthrough ideas.

Ideas that resonate

Understand how people will respond to your ideas by gathering intuitive reactions as well as direct feedback.

More information

Seven helps you identify and fast-track your next big innovation idea in as few as seven days. An intensive, insights-driven approach, it accelerates insight generation, ideation, concept development and screening to deliver breakthrough, validated concepts that will drive growth for your business.

Shortlist ideas with the most potential at scale. Idea eValuate identifies the best ideas and shows how to improve them and get ready for concept development by measuring implicit and explicit responses to get closer to the reality of purchase behaviour. Test ideas in any format: text, picture, packs logos, ads, social posts.
Identify concepts with most potential and know how to optimise them to maximise growth. With an extensive benchmarking database of over 100,000 concepts and predictive measures, Concept eValuate is proven to improve innovation success rates by 50%. Available on Kantar Marketplace, you can get results in as few as 24 hours.

Innovation and product development on Kantar Marketplace 

Propel business growth with agile consumer feedback solutions built for every phase of the innovation and product development lifecycle.
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