Webinar: Who Cares, Who Does? Creating a competitive advantage through sustainability

Join us on 29 September to learn about the opportunities for manufacturers and retailers, based on the environmental concerns of consumers.
14 September 2021
WCWD Webinar 2021
natalie babbage

Global LinkQ Director, London

benjamin cawthray

Global Thought Leadership Director

John Truelove

Global Solutions Director, Europanel

COVID-19 may have pushed the topic of sustainability off the top of the news agenda recently, but its importance to the global population only continues to grow. The number of households that are the most environmentally conscious – we call them Eco Actives – rose for the second year in a row, now representing 22% of consumers and set to grow to half the global population by the end of this decade.

Now in its third edition, Who Cares, Who Does? is our annual global study to understand the attitudes and actions of consumers towards the environment and how this impacts their decisions at the point of sale. The 2021 report is based on the results of our survey covering more than 88,000 respondents from 26 markets across Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the US, and provides updated insights on sustainability, as manufacturers and retailers look for ways to meet their ‘green’ commitments.

Join us for a webinar on 29 September when our expert John Truelove, Global Solutions Director, will share the main findings of the study... to help you create a competitive advantage through sustainability.

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