The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world. People’s behaviour and attitudes have changed profoundly. Brands have been forced to make some of the biggest decisions in their history.

As lockdowns start to ease, people’s fears are shifting from health to wealth and the future. In the face of returning to a ‘normal life’, new fears and unknowns are emerging. And brands are moving from asking “what now?” to “what next?”.

Learn how people are feeling and acting around the world. Kantar’s COVID-19 Barometer has canvassed over 100,000 people’s opinion in over 60 markets. Understand the short and long term implications for your brand and the marketing levers you need to influence.

Answer the following questions and more:

  • When and how will people return to pre-COVID activities?
  • Which new lifestyle habits will stick?
  • How do people feel about travel? And future holidays?
  • With increased financial pressure, and a move to online, what will future purchase behaviour look like?
  • How will new purchasing habits differ by category? And on and offline?
  • How are people feeling about their experience as a customer?
  • And how do they feel about the way brands have responded?

We continue to explore people’s evolving actions and look to the future to help you lead the reaction your business will need to take in the coming weeks and months.

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