Webinar series: How UK brands can survive the COVID-19 crisis

Join our webinars to learn more about the impact of coronavirus on brands and businesses in the UK. What have we learned?
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Jane Bloomfield

Chief Growth Officer, UK

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The uncertainty brought by COVID-19 has highlighted how important it is to make decisions quickly. The situation is changing people's lives and its effects on the economy are already being felt across different sectors. Join or catch up with our webinars to get a clearer picture of the impact on brands and businesses in the UK.

3 April: The impact on brands, part 2

Join us for the latest instalment in our series of webinars looking at how brands can survive the COVID-19 crisis.

In our 20 March webinar, we took an initial look at the challenges brands and marketers were facing. But it was early days, and things have changed faster than many of us could have imagined. Our ‘new normal’ is changing by the day.

In this latest session, we’ll update on a number of key issues and introduce some scenarios for how things might play out in the future:

  • What do we know about disruption?
  • How are consumers feeling now?
  • How have our behaviours adapted and what new behaviours are we adopting?
  • How are consumers responding to communication and brand action?
  • How do we anticipate the balance of 2020?

Sign up for our webinar on Friday 3 April at 0930 BST to learn more.

31 March: Ensuring resilience in retail

As consumer behaviour shifts dramatically, retailers and manufacturers that are supplying the public with essential foods, medicines, and protective supplies must adapt. And quickly. Join us as we discuss a number of key challenges facing the retail sector:

  • How is consumer retail and shopper behaviour continuing to change?
  • What is the role and evolution of ecommerce?
  • How do manufacturers and retailers get products moving along the supply chain more efficiently, effectively and faster than ever?
  • How to communicate with the public and regulate shopping behaviour to prevent irrational purchasing?
  • How can manufacturer and retailers comply with ever-changing rules, regulations, and government requests?
  • How different will retail / consumer / shopper behaviour be when this all ends?

Listen to our webinar, which took place on Tuesday 31 March, where a team of Kantar retail experts will share findings from daily, weekly and monthly panel data, how to win the mircro-battles, and their opinions on what is next for retail.

20 March: The impact on brands

COVID-19 poses a number of challenges for marketers:

  • What is the new business as usual?
  • How do you promote your brand without being seen to take advantage of the situation?
  • How do you extend brand propositions into services and content to keep audiences informed and connected?
  • What innovative opportunities are out there to deliver solutions and services in the changing environment?
  • With changing consumer behaviour, what will stick longer term?

Listen to our webinar, which took place on 20 March, where our experts explore the impact on various industries, the potential trends that may emerge and discuss what we can expect in terms of brand management in the UK.


Download the full presentations from each webinar by filling in your details below:

As a leader, how can you ensure you are doing your best to help your brand cope with these unprecedented times? See our six critical steps guide to building brand resilience in the face of COVID-19.

Download the associated infographic here.

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