Webinar series: How UK brands can survive the COVID-19 crisis

Watch our webinars to learn more about the impact of coronavirus on brands and businesses in the UK. What have we learned?
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The uncertainty brought by COVID-19 has highlighted how important it is to make decisions quickly. The situation is changing people's lives and its effects on the economy are already being felt across different sectors. Catch up with our webinars to get a clearer picture of the impact on brands and businesses in the UK.

11 August: How to re-engage consumers to speed up the post-pandemic recovery

Governments around the world are slowly reopening societies and economies. However, people are reluctant to quickly return to their former engagement in activities. Almost half (46%) say they will delay their return to normal consumer habits because of concerns about their safety or the safety of their loved ones.

To help brands better navigate the COVID-19 complexity, Kantar’s research has identified six distinct Coronavirus Tribes, defined by the levels of worry that they are experiencing, their information consumption, how conscientiously they adhere to rules, and their trust in government.

Watch to understand how six distinct UK consumer tribes compare to key markets around the world, and how they can help marketers to reshape their messaging, consumer experiences and even their innovation plans to drive recovery.

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29 July: Retaining relevance for brand growth

In this webinar hosted by Magnetic, through the lens of established brand-building theory and the latest insight from COVID-19-related consumer data, we look at what it takes to maintain and build brand relevancy, to ensure resilience and longevity post lockdown.

Also featuring media agency PHD, this webinar provides a practical guide for clients and agencies to navigate media environments post-COVID-19 and build stronger, more meaningful, connections with their consumers.

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17 July: Can the travel industry recover from the demand shock of March 2020?

As the UK continues to loosen travel restrictions, consumers are weighing the benefits of travel against the risk of increased exposure to the coronavirus. In this session, we explore the biggest challenges facing brands involved in the travel industry, and assess how to better understand, communicate and assuage consumer needs to recover from the demand shock of March 2020.

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14 July: Fearing what the uncertainties of Christmas this year might mean for your brand or business?

Watch our Christmas Carol, Dickensian style, where we share the most pertinent perspectives on Christmas’ past, on the present, and on the future, to inspire you to take the right actions to leverage the opportunities Christmas 2020 holds for your brand and minimise the potential risks.

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10 July: Britain’s most chosen FMCG brands: Finding growth in turbulent times

While consumer and shopper behaviour is changing by the day, the fundamentals of brand growth are more important than ever as we re-emerge from lockdown.

Watch our FMCG market experts as they take you through our Brand Footprint ranking of Britain’s most chosen FMCG brands. They’ll uncover how brands in the sector are responding to market disruption and long-term behavioural trends, giving examples of UK brands which have successfully pulled on the levers of growth.

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7 July: Accelerating brand recovery in the ‘new normal’: how the new era of analytics can unlock marketing effectiveness

Consumers have relied on brands during the pandemic. For marketers, it’s never been more important to ensure brand relevance, and to drive cost and media efficiencies. But how and where do you deploy your budget as you navigate the new world? How should you prioritise and reallocate investment to get higher return on lower spend? How can you successfully embed marketing effectiveness to drive competitive advantage?

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3 July: Impact for brands as we ‘reopen’ the doors to pubs, bars and restaurants

As the On Trade prepares to re-open its doors on 4 July, join us to understand how consumers, and the moments on which they chose (or not) to drink alcohol, have actually changed since lockdown. How could this influence the future of alcohol consumption in and out of the home?

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26 June: COVID-19: Leveraging technology to fuel human connections, power creativity and drive effective share of voice

Content that resonates personally with people is more effective. How can you make sure your advertising will evoke those emotional connections and earn attention when you have less time than ever to create it? In this webinar we bring to life:

  1. How we can apply an understanding of the human brain to earn attention more effectively, and how this explains why human insights are so fundamental.
  2. How technology can be your best friend in helping uncover fertile human territories to help your brand make meaningful connections with people and your advertising earn hard-won attention.
  3. How you can act with speed and agility to invest with confidence in advertising that will drive your brand’s Effective Share of Voice.

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19 June: Financial services response to the pandemic: What will separate the winners and losers?

Never in our lifetimes has there been a situation where personal finances have been compromised to the extent they currently are – and for many, the worst is yet to come. For banking and insurance brands, this means there is a fundamental requirement to step up and demonstrate their true value.

In this webinar, we discuss the current context and the key factors that we believe will separate the winners and losers, most notably in relation to:

  1. Successfully activating their brand where it matters
  2. Becoming more responsive to the changing environment

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16 June: The ‘Surge to Digital’ – will it continue?

In our first webinar on ecommerce, we gave a snapshot of the initial rush to digital and direct to consumer just weeks into lockdown. Since then, ecommerce retailers around Europe have more than doubled their available delivery and pick-up slots, and some FMCG brand owners have seen unprecedented increases in online penetration for their categories in the region of +150-300%. In this webinar we discuss if the ‘Surge to Digital’ will continue, plus:

  1. The commercial implications over time across a range of European countries.
  2. The latest shopper dynamics and sales figures across a range of categories.
  3. Insights on how leading brand owners have rallied around ecommerce by investing in both short-term “survival” initiatives and longer-term digital transformation.

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12 June: Sustainability and Innovation: New tensions on the road to recovery

While COVID-19 means we may have temporarily swapped plastic-free for plastic-sealed goods, climate change has not gone away. Kantar has partnered with Mumsnet to look at innovation and sustainability strategy post-lockdown. By comparing data collected in January 2020 to now, we look at shifting sustainability concerns and what this means for innovating in the $158 billion parenting market in particular. During this session we assess the emerging tensions between people’s desire to protect themselves and the world, and the opportunities that this presents for brands.

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8 June: Governments and coronavirus: The citizen perspective in the G7 nations

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5 June: COVID-19: Impact for Brands (Part 5)

This is the fifth instalment in our series of ‘State of the Nation’ webinars looking at how UK brands can survive the COVID-19 crisis.

Since we last checked in on the temperature of the nation, Boris has eased restrictions and faced significant scrutiny following the Dominic Cummings controversy. As the immediacy of the health crisis eases there are hints of normal life returning, but the economic and social uncertainties will persist.

  • How quickly do we really think things will get back to normal?
  • What are the things we’re rushing out to do, and what will take longer to normalise?
  • What lockdown behaviours do we want to keep?
  • What will it take to make us feel safe?

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4 June: COVID-19: Re-opening the doors to out-of-home entertainment

We know viewing of in-home entertainment has soared, but what is UK consumers’ appetite to return to out of home venues such as cinemas, theatres, museums and other entertainment venues?

In this webinar, we seek to understand what it will take to engage and encourage consumers to return to out-of-home venues, plus:

  • What lessons can the UK learn from other markets as lockdown has eased around the world?
  • Which demographic groups show the biggest potential to return quickly?
  • Which positive messages are most likely to drive desire and interest?
  • Which messages are needed to reassure them that venues are safe and trusted environments - and who most needs to hear them?
  • What behaviour change have we seen during the pandemic that can help us better understand future behaviour?

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22 May: COVID-19: Are we ready to get our heads out the sand? 

To help you understand and predict consumer response, we have created six tribes, ranging from the really concerned (Precarious Worriers) through to those who simply do not see what the fuss is about (Ostriches). In this webinar, we explore:


  • Why understanding tribes is your superpower
  • How are attitudes changing in the tribes?
  • How are the tribes behaving? And what are the implications for purchasing? What does this look like for a specific category?

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15 May: Reactivating demand – what are the right signals to send?

There are two words that define the story of what has happened with COVID-19 — a ‘demand shock’. We are facing a crisis of demand — the sudden, abrupt, and unpredictable loss of demand over the month of March and for many brands, beyond.

People have not been allowed to shop. People were too worried to shop anyway. And many people lost the ability to shop when they lost their jobs. A demand shock has put the economy into crisis.

The problem is that reactivating demand is not as simple as reopening ‘stores’. And that’s the signalling imperative. Reactivating demand and getting past the shock it has delivered to the economy will take smarter, better, and more original signalling.

To do this, you need to understand consumers and you need to understand demand. Here we introduce our Inside Lives community and talk about how you, the marketing community, have the key role to play here in reactivating demand.

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12 May: What are the strategic implications for brands during a crisis?

Hear from Doreen Wang, our global head of BrandZ, as she draws on 22 years of BrandZ data to highlight the vital role brands play during uncertainty, and how those businesses that continue investing in brand will recover faster. Discover:

  • How to best manage your brand in the short term, without compromising long-term growth
  • The significant influence of corporate reputation on brand equity
  • Proof points and case studies from BrandZ, the world’s largest brand equity platform

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7 May: How customer centricity can help ensure brand success through COVID-19

Hear from our team of Kantar CX experts, who explore what’s needed right now to become a truly customer-centric brand.

Customer-centricity during a crisis is not about doing the same things in a different way. It is about reimagining experiences to meet new customer needs, emotions, aspirations and dreams.

As the pandemic continues to change people’s behaviour, find out more about the critical steps that will enable you to stay close to your customer’s changing needs, help your brand navigate these changes and compete effectively in the post-pandemic environment.

In this webinar, we share our thinking around: How to optimise your customer journey, adapting your CX programme for the new norm, and maintaining the ongoing trust of your employees.

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5 May: COVID-19: Critical capabilities for Marketing and Sales: now and next

This webinar explores the critical capabilities that marketing and sales need to get right, right now, in order to manage business in the current disruption as well as preparing for the new normal.

As we move from reacting to adapting to the change, this means we need to recognise and fast forward the critical capabilities for success. During this session we discuss the following:

  • What impact has COVID-19 had on sales and marketing due to changing consumer behaviours/attitudes?
  • What is the role of marketing and sales both independently and jointly?
  • What are the critical capabilities needed to fast track now and next to be successful?

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1 May: COVID-19: Impact for brands (part 4): The brave new reality for brands

In uncertain times, brands have an opportunity to provide confidence and reassurance where there is otherwise little. In this instalment of our COVID-19 webinar series we look for inspiration for the future from brands weathering the crisis and those who seem to be adopting and adapting to our Brave New Reality. Can we see early evidence of the strategies that are working?

In this webinar, we deep dive into 19 implications for brands based on the Vital Signs for brand health:

  • Brand Purpose
  • Innovation
  • Communications
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Love

These Five ‘Vital Signs’ underpin Meaningful Difference and provide a framework for responding during times of crisis. In this session, we bring to life what this means today and for your brand.

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28 April: COVID-19: Employee resilience in an uncertain world

The Kantar UK team discuss the potential implications that the coronavirus pandemic can have on employees, and how we are working towards employee safety.

This webinar looks at:

  • Adapting how to communicate to employees, in the same way we are adapting for customers
  • Understanding where and what additional concerns impact employees both at work and at home
  • Stress and anxiety is on the rise, and isolation has its own implications
  • A slowdown in the economy impacts employees’ emotional and physical health

In amongst this, how do businesses ensure that employees are safe, secure and listened to?

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27 April: Authentic empathy – How marketers can respond effectively to COVID-19

In partnership with Affectiva, this webinar looks at whether brands in your category should advertise during a time of crisis; if you continue to invest, what form should your content take; and which creative routes will resonate emotionally given the crisis. Should you talk about coronavirus or take a ‘business as usual' approach?

Join Kantar experts Daren Poole, Leila Buckley and Graham Page at 1000 BST to hear more about how people are emotionally engaging with content, as we draw on a variety of sources, including the world’s largest repository of data on emotional response to ads.

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24 April: Resilience in innovation

As budgets come under scrutiny and the future becomes uncertain the temptation can be to scale back innovation. Hear from the Kantar team, as we explore the crucial role innovation plays in helping brands thrive through global crises and beyond.

Understanding where new opportunities, needs and behaviours are emerging will allow you to pivot your innovation pipeline and set you up for success. For the long-term success of your brand, you’ll need a game plan for different recovery scenarios and sticky behaviour changes.

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21 April: The role of sustainability in building resilient organisations

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching impact, and our resilience to face crises like these depends on both our health and the one of our planet. Indeed, there are parallels between COVID-19 and other imminent sustainability crises.

The webinar shares how Kantar’s framework can help organisations to navigate these challenges and build resilience, including building strategy with purpose and building on the positive behaviours seen during the pandemic to drive further change.

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20 April: Governments and Coronavirus Update 2: Understanding the citizen perspective in the G7 nations

See the latest findings from our G7 public opinion study.

The first to assess COVID-19's economic impact on both individuals and households, this study also looks at how people view their government’s communications and actions.

The second wave of our study will allow us to understand how society's responses to this period of uncertainty are evolving over time – as well as assessing the perceived long-term impacts on people's lives and on the national economy.

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17 April: COVID-19: Impact for Brands (Part 3)

The third instalment in our series of ‘State of the Nation’ webinars looking at how brands can survive the COVID-19 crisis.

Since the UK was placed in lockdown on the 23rd March and the situation has evolved, so have consumers’ approaches to life. As we move from reacting to adapting and adopting, what does this mean for brands? In our latest session, we’ll help you understand where we are now - 4 weeks after Boris Johnson asked us all to stay home.

  • How are consumers feeling, what are they thinking and what are they doing now?
  • What does Easter in lockdown look like?
  • How are our ‘Tribes’, identified in our last session, evolving and behaving?
  • Which of our four future scenarios, if any, look likely to play out?

>> Watch on demand now.

14 April: Ensuring resilience in ecommerce

Hear how leading FMCG companies are re-evaluating their channel strategies in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, it is too early to say what the enduring legacy of this unprecedented demand-side shock will be on how we consume and shop for our needs in the future. However, when it comes to analysing the “surge” of first-time users to shopping online, we can already form some strong hypotheses. These include: The ecommerce challenge will evolve from penetration to retention; previously “unloved” shelf-stable FMCG categories will be the new online beneficiaries, and e-retailers, having been caught short, will massively expand their fulfilment capacity.

In this webinar, the team explores what these and other key hypotheses mean for brand owners in terms of the actions they should be taking now to minimise disruption during the pandemic, and those that they need to take now to be ready for when we start to emerge from the crisis.

View the webinar on demand now, where our retail experts share the latest available data and observations and benchmarks from our research and client work.

9 April: Assessing the impact for grocery retail in Ireland

As Irish consumer behaviour shifts dramatically, retailers are at the front line in delivering essential food and medicines to the public. Manufacturers are facing unprecedented supply chain challenges to meet an unstable demand. Understanding this new normal is key to adapting. Our team of experts discuss the challenges facing our sector and what to expect next including:

  • How does public sentiment differ in Ireland compared to the UK and rest of Europe?
  • How is consumer and shopper behaviour changing?
  • What categories are most impacted by boosted demand?
  • What is the role and evolution of ecommerce?
  • How do manufacturers and retailers get products moving along the supply chain more efficiently, effectively and faster than ever?
  • How to communicate with the public and regulate shopping behaviour to prevent irrational purchasing?
  • How can manufacturer and retailers comply with ever-changing rules, regulations, and government requests?
  • How different will retail / consumer / shopper behaviour be when this all ends?


  • Eimear Faughnan, Managing Director Ireland, Media Division
  • Louise Soye, Client Director, Insights Division
  • David Berry, Managing Director Ireland, Worldpanel and Insights Divisions
  • Charlie Warwick, Head of Futures EMEA, Consulting Division
  • Ray Gaul, SVP European Retail, Insights Division

Watch the webinar on demand here.

7 April: How to communicate right now

COVID-19 is causing disruption beyond anything that most of us have experienced. We have witnessed border closures, panic buying, mass business closures and forced social distancing. Some categories face an existential threat as a result. For other categories and brands within them, there is opportunity. How brands respond in these unprecedented times is critical.

We discuss results from a study looking at how consumers think brands should be communicating. We also discuss how consumers are responding to communications, and the sorts of messages that people are sharing themselves. In addition, we share analysis and scenario planning on what happens to brand health measures if you stop advertising – both now and in the longer term.

Watch our webinar on demand to learn more.

3 April: The impact on brands, part 2

Join us for the latest instalment in our series of webinars looking at how brands can survive the COVID-19 crisis.

In our 20 March webinar, we took an initial look at the challenges brands and marketers were facing. But it was early days, and things have changed faster than many of us could have imagined. Our ‘new normal’ is changing by the day.

In this session, we’ll update on a number of key issues and introduce some scenarios for how things might play out in the future:

  • What do we know about disruption?
  • How are consumers feeling now?
  • How have our behaviours adapted and what new behaviours are we adopting?
  • How are consumers responding to communication and brand action?
  • How do we anticipate the balance of 2020?

Watch our webinar on demand to learn more.

31 March: Ensuring resilience in retail

As consumer behaviour shifts dramatically, retailers and manufacturers that are supplying the public with essential foods, medicines, and protective supplies must adapt. And quickly. We discuss a number of key challenges facing the retail sector:

  • How is consumer retail and shopper behaviour continuing to change?
  • What is the role and evolution of ecommerce?
  • How do manufacturers and retailers get products moving along the supply chain more efficiently, effectively and faster than ever?
  • How to communicate with the public and regulate shopping behaviour to prevent irrational purchasing?
  • How can manufacturer and retailers comply with ever-changing rules, regulations, and government requests?
  • How different will retail / consumer / shopper behaviour be when this all ends?

Listen to our webinar, which took place on Tuesday 31 March, where a team of Kantar retail experts will share findings from daily, weekly and monthly panel data, how to win the mircro-battles, and their opinions on what is next for retail.

20 March: The impact on brands

COVID-19 poses a number of challenges for marketers:

  • What is the new business as usual?
  • How do you promote your brand without being seen to take advantage of the situation?
  • How do you extend brand propositions into services and content to keep audiences informed and connected?
  • What innovative opportunities are out there to deliver solutions and services in the changing environment?
  • With changing consumer behaviour, what will stick longer term?

Listen to our webinar, which took place on 20 March, where our experts explore the impact on various industries, the potential trends that may emerge and discuss what we can expect in terms of brand management in the UK.


Download the full presentations from each webinar by filling in your details below:

As a leader, how can you ensure you are doing your best to help your brand cope with these unprecedented times? See our six critical steps guide to building brand resilience in the face of COVID-19.

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