Webinar series: COVID-19 and the Asia Pacific consumer

We are running a series of webinars starting from 26 March 2020 to cover the impact of coronavirus on brands in APAC.
19 May 2020
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19 May: A future of opportunity: 8 predictions of evolutionary change in consumers (35-minute watch)

“Wise is the one who flavours the future with some salt from the past.” (Curtis Tyrone Jones)

The world today is being flooded with analysis of consumer sentiment and the rise and fall of companies, due to COVID-19. While this is an important part of our journey to revival as businesses, it is now more important than ever to take that bit of salt and stride into the future to explore “what next”?

Kantar introduces the Evolutionary Growth Framework to help marketers plan better for the future, guided by 8 areas of predicted evolutionary change in consumers’ lives. The framework illustrates the cause behind the changes and the underlying desires, for marketers to identify ‘what is going to change’ and ‘what should brands be thinking or doing today, for tomorrow?’

Join Irene Joshy, regional head of Creative at Kantar North Asia, Southeast Asia and Pacific, to get answers to these questions post COVID-19:

  • Do I really need to change my strategy for the post-lockdown period?
  • Are consumers going to go back to being their old selves, and reclaiming their old lives?
  • What are the key themes of change to watch out for?
  • How can I prepare for a post COVID-19 recessionary reality?

Watch the webinar here.

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13 May: Planning for recovery: How to grow your brand and ROI in the ‘new normal’ (45-minute watch)

Building a strong brand has always been critical. Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of the world, the fundamentals still matter. Join Kantar experts as they identify ways to refocus the right parts of brand equity to drive sales, what shifts in categories to be aware of, and how you can maximise the impact of constrained marketing budgets.

Here’s a few of our recommendations to help you plan your creative and media to maximise sales in the short term and build your brand for longer term success after the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Review your plans and build systems to better understand demand opportunities across markets, categories and portfolios.
  • Balance both performance driven advertising and brand building advertising to drive sales growth.
  • Re-assess both key messages and innovation, we know that in these uncertain times, consumers turn to brands as a sign of trust.
  • A good creative and how you bring it all together (synergies) are your best bet for improved ROI.

Watch the webinar here.

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29 April: Future-Ready: Planning for life in Asia after COVID-19 (20-minute watch)

Brands need to start planning now for tomorrow, because the recovery will arrive just as quickly as the disruption. Are your ready to prioritise and organise against Asia’s evolved consumer needs in the post COVID-19 world?

Jacqueline MacRae, Director of Growth Strategy and Vicki Lai, Futures Practice Lead from the Kantar Consulting team in APAC, discuss the change in behaviours in Asia during the crisis and the key themes that emerge from this. Join them to find out how you can get future-ready and plan for life after the COVID-19 crisis as they share:

  • A summary of 5 key consumer behavioural shifts across Asia, that are important to plan against now and for post COVID-19
  • 23 Opportunity Platforms that paint a picture of what these shifts could look like post COVID-19, and how you can activate against them
  • A self-starter kit for how to prioritise these shifts for your business and which to focus on, which to ignore and which to build on in your strategic plan

Watch the webinar here.

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24 April: Dimensions of Distancing: How are Asians living in times of social distancing? (6-minute watch)

As Asia enters its second, more extensive wave of COVID-19 infection, social distancing has become the new norm. Understanding what people are really getting up to and how they feel as they adapt to social distancing, offers valuable lessons for brands in navigating this fast-changing environment.

In this webinar, Christina Kang, Senior Consultant Cultural Practice at Kantar in Singapore, uses Enhanced Visual Analytics to share a unique view on the experiences and emotions of a new reality across South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand. Join her to get answers to these burning questions about the impact of social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis:

  • How can brands understand this new reality in order to be able to support consumers and to adapt products, services, communications and routes to market?
  • How can you really put your brand at the service of consumers?
  • How can you help consumers to create meaningful moments during these testing times?

Watch the webinar here.

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14 April: 8 ways to help your brand weather a crisis (7-minute watch)

What do the world’s strongest brands know and do differently that enable them to not just weather a crisis but emerge stronger?

Beyond looking at the “how” and “what” behind a crisis, strong brands are vested in finding out the “why” and “what if”. By focusing on the future and not just the past or present, they are able to safeguard existing brand investments, harness new opportunities and lay the pipeline for continued brand growth.

Join Angela Ling, Regional Director for Brand Guidance at Kantar North Asia, Southeast Asia and Pacific, to get answers to these burning questions about weathering the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Which consumer lifestyle changes are temporary and which ones are permanent?
  • How can I act and react quickly to the ‘new normal’?
  • How do I know when to trade on brand and when to trade on price?
  • How is my marketing impacting both short-term sales and long-term brand building?

Watch the webinar here.

Download the infographic here.

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9 April: Surviving the COVID-19 crisis in Asia Pacific (60 minutes)

How are Asia Pacific marketers keeping their brands authentic and relevant? The only sure way is to keep a pulse on consumers’ fast-changing attitudes, priorities, preferences and consumption. Tune in to Kantar experts across domains, sectors and geographies answering your questions from tools to trends that can turn data into actionable insights.

Here are seven things to remember how to act now and prepare for a post COVID-19 future:

  1. Changing behaviour may be irreversible. Power of togetherness, respect for nature, love for food, are here to stay.
  2. A “New Normal” is gradually forming. Understanding the changing landscape is crucial right now.
  3. Optimise online experiences to build desire. Both category leaders and challenger brands can benefit if they focus on availability and delivery services.
  4. Surge in digital, TV and content streaming TV is back and big in Asia with younger audiences driving the increase – more reason to combine digital with TV spend. Don't go dark.
  5. Engagement remains at the heart of advertising Brands that entertain and engage, reduce consumer anxiety and find innovative ways to re-use old content, will win.
  6. Consumers expect brands to step up by doing well for society. Brands that earn trust and stay relevant through purpose, will benefit in the long run.
  7. Don’t lose sight of the long term. Redefine your strategy in the new context and be sure you have a digitised business model that prepares you for what’s next.

Watch the webinar here.

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8 April: COVID-19 Social Monitor: Anatomy of a Pandemic (19 minute-watch)

Social media is taking the driver’s seat in how your brand can respond during these extraordinary times with the unprecedented volume of content created and shared each day around the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you tapping social analytics to get an insights-driven view of what matters, understand what is happening, and respond in the right context? What is Kantar’s Social Monitor telling us about consumers in Asia Pacific? How can you get a sense of a broad spectrum of social conversation topics, and quickly? We scour the internet wading through social data from 58 million posts, 5 million authors across 10 markets in Asia Pacific to make sense of the COVID-19 crisis and the Asia Pacific consumer for marketers and their brands.

Join Joy Lee, Associate Director, Digital for Kantar North Asia, Southeast Asia and Pacific to get answers to these burning questions:

  • What are the trends emerging from COVID-19 conversations on social media in Asia Pacific?
  • Are there regional nuances? A closer look at these markets: Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Thailand plus deep dive into the Philippines
  • How are people adjusting to the new normal? What are their biggest concerns? What consumption categories are emerging beyond the obvious sanitizers, soap and toilet paper?
  • So what? 5 quick wins for CMOs

Watch the webinar here.

Download the infographic.

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2 April: To air or not to air: No change to consumer attitudes in advertising in Asia Pacific? (8-minute watch)

Will advertising during the current COVID-19 chaos serve its purpose, or will it be a waste of precious marketing dollars? Should you pull your campaign, or change from its product focus to offer emotional support? The last thing Asia Pacific brand marketers need is for their ads to appear self-serving during these maniacal times. Kantar’s advice is, rather than suspend your ads, do the due diligence of suspending your own viewpoint and put yourself in the consumers' shoes.

Join Irene Joshy, regional head of Creative at Kantar North Asia, Southeast Asia and Pacific, to get answers to these burning questions about advertising and creative development during COVID-19:

  • What’s the impact of COVID-19 on creative content?
  • What content should you be airing/publishing?
  • A checklist for ads and creatives during crises

Watch the webinar here.

Download the infographic here.

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31 March: Tap tech for insights from your consumer's couch (14-minute watch)

The home is where consumers are today. With COVID-19 forcing people across Asia Pacific to stay indoors with no end in sight, spikes in social chatter and screen time usage are presenting golden opportunities for brands to get even closer to consumers in a time of uncertainty. Are you seizing the opportunity to get deeper into the psyche of your consumer? Do you have the capabilities to reach into their homes – which are fast becoming the new offices and playgrounds?

Join four Asia Pacific experts from Kantar to get answers to these burning questions:

  • What are the trends emerging from COVID-19 conversations on social media in Asia Pacific?
  • How can you reach into homes of your consumers and get even closer to current needs?
  • Should you test your advertising? How can you get insights at the speed of business to stay ahead?
  • How can you optimise brand tracking data in times of crisis?

Watch the webinar here.

Download the infographic here.

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27 March: Putting the breaks on your media spend in Asia Pacific? (7-minute watch)

Protecting your media investment by cutting back or stopping spend may seem prudent with Asia Pacific economies badly hit by the COVID-19 crisis; overall consumption coming to a stand-still, people adhering to social distancing, lockdowns and travel bans. Before putting the breaks on, consider carefully the effects of reducing or cutting media budgets – as a hasty move now may cost your brand to lose out to your bolder competitors in the longer term. Optimise your media investments across brands through media optimisation modelling, to make your strategy more agile and increase your ROI.

Join Pablo Gomez, Chief Digital Officer and Media Lead for Kantar North Asia, Southeast Asia and Pacific to get answers to these burning questions:

  • Should you maintain, decrease or stop media investment?
  • How long can your brand afford to “go dark”? What do media pressure simulation scenarios show us about how share of voice impacts sales and saliency?
  • What’s the right media strategy (touchpoints, ROI) for your brand to adopt to balance short-term need and long-term recovery?

Watch the webinar here.

Download the infographic here.

Contact Pablo.Gomez@kantar.com for more information.