About TGI data

TGI helps brands build a complete understanding of their customers and target them effectively.

TGI surveys are refreshed continuously to ensure the latest brands and media channels are reported, while users can also customise the TGI and further extend the picture of a brand’s customers: whether by asking the additional questions that matter most for your brand or by enriching the TGI data with a proprietary segmentation of your category.

Below you can explore the TGI surveys available in 45 markets and get in touch with a member of the team to learn more.


Understand global, local and other specific audiences

Consumer insight that only Kantar can deliver

Unrivalled Scale

A robust sample supported by a 100m-strong consumer panel managed by Kantar Profiles.

With usage, preference and clickstream data covering 4000 brands being regularly updated, TGIs category coverage is unmatched.  

Methodological Rigour

Thanks to the quality of the data, TGI is trusted by leading media agencies worldwide as the currency for planning and buying

We’re open about how we collect our data and ensure 
it is representative of real people. Learn more about our methodology here.

Safe and Secure

Kantar’s TGI data is privacy safe with all respondents fully consented and with world-leading standards of quality assurance.

This includes triple opt-in consent and Kantar’s robust AI fraud detection, digital fingerprinting and patented honesty detection.

Kantar is also one of only two panel providers accredited by Google.

Global Expertise

TGI users can also access Kantar’s global leaders and experts who can support with any type of research requirement – for instance, audience measurement, advertising intelligence or campaign effectiveness evaluation.