Disruptors are growing faster than established brands…why? 

Leveraging Kantar’s AI-led technology, we used BrandDigital to understand what was driving this growth and came across a crucial component that we have coined ‘Brand Glee’ – an indispensable element in the algorithm for brand growth in the Digital Age. 

But what is Brand Glee? And what are the additional growth catalysts for brand success? 

To unravel the factors responsible for the emergence of disruptors, we took a digital deep dive into the quick service restaurant (QSR) sector combining Kantar’s technology (BrandDigital), expertise in brand and the QSR industry. We found that widespread access to technology along with mainstream acceptance of ‘pleasure’ has transformed sensation-inducing experiences into a new moment of truth for brands. Enter Brand Glee

Brands that improve their experience are 2.5x* more likely to significantly increase market share.

*Source: Kantar BrandZ analysis of top growth brands vs bottom growth brands on BrandZ Experience Index over 2 years based on 10,000 brands 

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