Get an overall view of your cross-media campaigns on TV and digital

The measurement of cross-media campaigns is one of the biggest challenges faced within the advertising industry due to the diversity of media and support, and multi-channel platforms.  

Campaign Audience Validation is a methodology created by Kantar that captures deduplicated coverage and frequency figures by crossing data between linear television and digital content platforms to provide a consolidated view of cross-media campaigns.  

As a result of Kantar’s partnership with Google and Meta, the tool offers an extensive amount of data collected from YouTube, Instagram and Facebook; with new platforms being added in the future.  

Campaign Audience Validation provides a panoramic picture (post-campaign) of campaigns driven by Google and Meta on television and digital content platforms, while also allowing adjustments to be made during their course (data in flight).

What are the benefits of Campaign Audience Validation?

  • Media agencies: measure and optimise performance during the development of campaigns and attribute ROI to their clients
  • Advertisers: make better decisions about budget allocation between media platforms  
  • Media owners: make a better assessment of their support when negotiating with advertisers  
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