In a fast-changing retail environment, staying close to shoppers and channels is crucial. With the rise of digital commerce and new go-to-market models, we help brands and retailers manage and evolve their offer.

Winning omnichannel

People shop everywhere, and they move seamlessly between channels. Seizing new growth opportunities requires a total retail understanding including ecommerce, discounters and out-of-home.

Identifying your next shopper

Consistent growth is only possible when you attract more shoppers. We help to find them through segmenting buyers by their purchase or usage behaviour.

Increasing shopper conversion

For maximum brand and category growth, you need to optimise product assortment, manage promotions carefully, and maximise the return on your in-store merchandising investment.

With the launch of Omnichannel 2023, we have three offers to help you understand and plan for the year ahead:


Full retail landscaping in 50 markets

Get a ready-to-use dashboard, based on three years of data.

Green_state of play

Channel Forecast 2025

A comprehensive forecast dashboard on how the retail landscape will evolve over the next two years up to 2025.


Inflation coping strategies

Re-define your marketing & retail strategy based on how consumers respond to inflation, including FMCG category evolution broken down by shopper behaviours.

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Watch the 2023 webinar

The global FMCG industry has expanded more in value in the last three years than it did in the previous eight, but its recent growth is driven entirely by soaring prices. Unravel the channel changes and the impact of inflation on the FMCG industry.

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Read the 2022 report

By the end of 2021 we saw a slowdown in global value growth to just +2.1%, a similar growth rate we experienced pre-COVID. Read the report and access the webinar in English or in Spanish.

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Read the 2021 report

FMCG growth rate quadrupled to 10% globally, while ecommerce grew 45%. Discover the world’s 2020 pandemic FMCG shopping habits.

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How we do it

Access deep insights from consumer panels. We track 750,000 shoppers who provide us with invaluable information on their household’s shopping decisions.

  • We cover all FMCG, health and beauty, pharmacy and fashion categories in 52 countries.
  • We track every purchase, in every store, at any time, and on a continuous basis through the biggest consumer panels globally.
  • All channels and retailers covered - from modern to traditional and emerging, including ecommerce and out-of-home.
  • Highest data quality standard with cutting-edge delivery tools for accurate and granular insights.

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Capture the most detailed picture of what your consumers really do: what they buy, where, when, and how often they buy, which brands they buy, at what price, and why.

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