In an increasingly information-saturated environment, brands need to find creative ways to connect with consumers meaningfully.

We know that the winning ads in Kantar’s Creative Effectiveness Awards have made real connections with consumers. How? Because they are judged by consumers.

Kantar’s Creative Effectiveness Awards celebrate the most creative and effective ads from the thousands we tested in 2023.

To celebrate the fifth year of the awards, we – for the first time – award a new category of ads evaluated by LINK AI, our AI ad testing solution, trained using data from our LINK+ Database. And we uncover effectiveness trends from this year’s winners as well as key creative elements that winners across all five years have in common.

Have a look at the winning ads and download our booklet or watch the webinar to find out what makes them winners. And discover the big emerging trends we’ve observed from our winners that make their campaigns authentic and profound.

Take your campaign to the next level. Learn how to predispose more people to create consumer connections.


Top 15 Digital/Social ads

Our digital and social winners bring creative content from every continent, across eleven different markets and covering a huge diversity of categories. Proving that regardless of what you are or where you are, great creative via social and digital platforms is possible.

Top 15 TV ads

This year’s TV winners span twelve markets and twelve categories. From successful long-running campaigns to copycat comparisons, with ads showcasing AI functions and partially generated by AI, it’s a vast and clever range of creativity and effectiveness. 

Top 10 Print/Outdoor ads

Our winning print, outdoor and digital outdoor ads this year cover finance, food and drink, streaming services, sports shoes, cinema and tyres. An outstanding set of creative mastery showcasing consumer connections via cause, consistency, courage and comedy.

Top 5 LINK AI tested 

Our selection of top-scoring LINK AI researched ads portray an array of categories. From Australia to India, cars to cleaning products, a broad spread of markets and categories along with a variety of differing advertising styles.

Discover what makes the winning ads successful and big themes in creativity. 
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Our creative experts discuss the winning ads and what we’ve learned from this year’s winners as well as overall learning from the last 5 editions.
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