Organizations face the same problems, see similar opportunities, and recognize the need for continued investment. 



Our recent Forrester Consulting-commissioned study revealed that data strategy and customer analytics efforts are most effective when companies have the right data foundations, analytics capabilities, and insights strategy all seamlessly connected. 

To achieve these outcomes, organizations must first assess their readiness to achieve data strategy and customer analytics goals and have clear strategies for applying and measuring analytical insights. 

Use our free Data Strategy & Analytics Maturity Benchmark tool to assess your organization: 

  • Benchmark your analytics maturity 
  • Gain a strategic roadmap 
  • Measure and accelerate your progress 


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Based on a Kantar commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, June 2022

This takes around 10 minutes to complete and will give you a detailed report with sector benchmarking.

A deeper look into customer analytics maturity
Read our June 2022 Forrester Consulting commissioned thought leadership to learn how to achieve your customer analytics goals, "Evolve Your Customer Analytics From Tactical To Transformational”.
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A guide to data strategy readiness
Read our Data Strategy results from this research set, “Connect Insights to Action with an Effective Marketing Data Strategy”, to turn your data into insights.
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Businesses that use customer analytics extensively are significantly more likely to outperform the market in profit, sales growth and ROI. - Forrester

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