Do you want to get your sustainability efforts firing on all cylinders in 2023? Our Ambition and Action conference, now available on-demand, will provide you with the knowledge and the unique data you need to be bolder and braver in addressing issues such as climate change, social justice, waste and inclusion.

The conference is designed to demonstrate the growth potential of sustainability, taking you from the basics of where to start and understanding the consumer expectations on your sector and market through to choosing the right targets and the role of innovation.

Our Ambition & Action conference brought together our thinking and client experience, fostering learning, offering inspiration, and provoking conversations that matter. To give you the opportunity to access this valuable content at a time that suits you, we are offering on-demand access to all event sessions now. All webinars have subtitles in English.

You can access to the entire Conference recording by registering here.

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Are brands failing their customers on Sustainability?

All the evidence points to a strong and increasing desire among ordinary people for a more sustainable life. They worry about the environment and society but they are also clear that it’s not all on them; they need help to play their part. Are brands doing enough to meet this need? What more is required? What are the risks and rewards?

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A journey of ambition and action

In this session, we discuss some of the critical steps a brand owner needs to take to formulate an authentic sustainability strategy that meets the expectations and needs of their customers and makes a real difference. We will be joined by Jennifer Ragland, Senior Director, Industry & Commercial Communications at the Coca Cola Company in a conversation about their journey to define ambitious goals in sustainability and to meet them.

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What sustainable choices are people making?

We look at two very different areas, using our household and fashion panels, to understand what people are looking for when they try to shop sustainably, why they make the choices they do and which brands are meeting the brief. We will examine some of the barriers they experience and consider how these might be overcome.

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Designing for a waste-free future

Globally, waste is one of the biggest issues we need to solve for across categories. People want to play their part in the solution but addressing the issue of waste is difficult; often people don’t know which solutions are best, can’t find alternatives or lack the supporting infrastructure to enable more sustainable behaviours. In this session we explore how brands can help close the value-action gap and solve this real consumer tension with meaningful innovation that challenges the status quo.

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The 7 Principles of Inclusion Marketing for global marketers

Brands in an inclusion journey are working in a divided and tense environment: diversity, equity, and inclusion issues can often turn into divisive political issues. Meanwhile, the needs of high-growth underserved populations are more acute than ever, and so is the need for brands to successfully engage with them. This webinar explores how to evolve into inclusion marketing to successfully engage with under-represented and under-served populations.

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Four fast pieces to make your sustainability work more effective

In this session, a selection of Kantar experts will share great ideas to make your sustainability work more impactful. There will be evidence to support your business case from Kantar BrandZ; a discussion with The Earthshot Prize on how identifying a consistent audience across data sets is helping their work; a short conversation with East Africa Breweries Ltd. about the importance of translating global sustainability goals into the local context; and guidance from our industry-leading Link creative database to help you get sustainability advertising right.

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