The pandemic has changed the way people shop online worldwide; more people are buying more goods on more platforms. And this growth is projected to continue. While we live in a world full of data about ecommerce, important questions remain unanswered.

What really makes shoppers click ‘buy’ in their online baskets? Why do they visit different ecommerce retailers for the same categories? Where are post-pandemic trends netting out?

eCommerce ON is a global study with insights from over 69,000 online shopping trips in 19 countries and 15 categories. It provides foundational insights on category shopping, demographics and device usage, online retailer choice drivers and category priorities. It explores shopper triggers and barriers and fills in the gaps in online shopper behaviour.

Find out who is shopping your category, what motivates their decisions and uncover opportunities to power your ecommerce strategy and accelerate your ecommerce growth.

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eCommerce ON 2022
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Get foundational insights about ecommerce and what motivates people to click. Our free booklet explores some of the post-pandemic highlights and accelerated trends in ecommerce.
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Understand the needs of online shoppers in your category and market; who they are, what they buy, which devices they use. Know what motivates their purchases and uncover opportunities to accelerate ecommerce growth. 
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