Meal delivery offers consumers the possibility of replicating the out-of-home (OOH) occasion at home, bringing the restaurant to our tables even during a pandemic. But has this been enough to account for the reduced spending on OOH occasions? How much has moved into the home? Are consumers changing their usage habits? In the COVID-19 era, keeping track of all these shifts (and resulting opportunities) is essential.

Measure out-of-home purchase and consumption

Based on a global continuous sample, we record every snack, beverage and meal bought for consumption out-of-home, whether that’s on the go, at the place of purchase, in the workplace, or elsewhere.

Get a detailed picture of purchase decisions and consumption occasions

Here are just a few examples of the data points we measure...

ordering food

Embracing food tech

Two thirds of the total OOH spend is on main meals. During lockdown, some of these occasions have been transferred to home delivery. Restaurants, food-to-go stores, and quick service restaurants have had to embrace home delivery and food tech apps.
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Identify the full “share of stomach” data for each occasion

Access your consumers’ kitchens and cupboards and see how they prepare menus, what specific ingredients they choose and why, how habits change over time, the most valuable occasions, and how products compete with each other.

Our unique usage occasion-based panel tracks over three million records: every snack, beverage and meal consumed at home, 52 weeks a year. And, thanks to our purchase panels, you can see the direct link between usage and shopper behaviour.

Latest insights

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