Why do we eat what we eat, and drink what we drink? The answer to that question depends on the context – where we are, who we're with, the time of day, and the pressures of time and price. In other words, our demands change according to circumstances.

Worldpanel experts have conducted an exclusive multi-country analysis, identifying a series of pathways to unlock insights into this contextual consumption. We call them “Demand Moments”. The findings impact everything from pricing and assortment to new product development and sales.

Why demand moments matter?

  1. Stretch existing portfolio to cover more demands

  2. Inform innovation plans to expand the core

  3. Connect occasions to shopper activation plans 

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Appetite for growth report

Whether you represent a local or global brand or are a retailer, our "Appetite for growth" report is an invaluable resource for gaining a competitive edge.

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Join us as we reveal the moments in a consumer's day that drive individual consumption decisions. You'll also receive a practical framework to apply to your business.

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Feasting on opportinities:

  1. Coursing through cultures: propelling brands across the flavor frontiers

  2. Taste the opportunity: winning with circumstantial consumption

  3. Fork in the road: the divergent paths of meals and menus reveal hidden growth


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