Last year’s pandemic has affected the beauty and personal care category more than many others. Consumers’ interest in beauty and personal care has waned because of pandemic closures and many people working from home. 

The basic beauty and personal care habits that developed as a result of the pandemic are prompting brands to re-understand their consumers. New behaviours and trends are forming, which will influence future demand for beauty products. 

Beauty is still important to customers. According to Kantar’s Global MONITOR, about three-quarters of global consumers agree that “paying a lot of attention to your appearance” is important in their personal life today, indicating that consumers will continue to drive this category through the recovery. 

Brands must now re-understand their consumers and their needs in order to find growth. As we emerge from the pandemic and enter the next phase of change, our guide can help brands unlock new growth opportunities in the beauty and personal care industry. Combining in-depth knowledge of consumers with their demand moments allows the segmentation of the entire landscape, and opens new opportunities for brands in terms of where to play and how to win.

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