iLab is an innovation powerhouse fuelled by our unique human understanding, AI-powered analytics, and advanced technology to accelerate business growth.

We focus on “big ideas” and create AI powered solutions to solve to our client’s most pressing business challenges faster, more accurately and at scale.

We accelerate the connection of old and new data with the most advanced thinking and technologies while breaking global barriers across markets, languages and industry categories.

We partner with the brightest from brands, academia and start-ups, advocating towards a more inclusive, diverse and transparent innovation ecosystem.

We inspire new ways of thinking.

We create new technologies.

We disrupt the status quo to accelerate business growth in ways that others have not imagined.

Since 2018, iLab has been combining human and machine intelligence to connect structured and unstructured data and co-create with some of the world’s most loved brands. We have enabled clients with tools to make faster and smarter business decisions, and increase efficiencies, impact, and business growth at scale.

For example, our clients can now:

  • Measure large volumes of video ads and predict creative effectiveness in 15 minutes or less
  • Create incremental revenue faster by predicting real-time global trends
  • Identify new and untapped routes to market by mining conversational voice data, powered by image recognition and natural language processing
  • More deeply understand marketing mix effectiveness through multitouch attribution modelling analytics spanning across all brands, models and markets within their portfolio, by processing billions of data points with ease
  • And much more.
Come create the unimaginable with us. 

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