Is your brand active on Instagram? Or have you ever thought about appearing on social media?

Influencer Adex is a new solution for the Hungarian advertising market. The software helps brand leaders and agencies to better plan their communications on Instagram. It offers information on collaborations between brands and influencers via tracking and analysing hashtags, brand mentions, and other verbal and visual elements. You can track your competitors’ activity and better understand how social media works. 

  • How active is the given brand/market category in the monitored social media platforms? How active are my competitors?
  • How many posts were shared in my category in the last month/week/day? Who posted it and when? What was the content?
  • Which type of communication is the most typical? (E.g. Instagram Story/Feed, picture/video)
  • What are hot topics? What are the most common hashtags?

The most important influencers on the same site

With this browser-based tool, you can monitor the social media activities in your market category on a daily basis. From September 2021 we have tracked the branded Instagram Stories and Posts from close to 1,000 influencers. 

  • Who are the more/less active influencers?
  • Who are the popular/rising star influencers?  
  • How many followers do they have? How active they are?
  • Does influencer X cooperate with brand Y or Z? Is she/he working for a competitor? 
  • Which influencers could be a good fit for my brand? 

Easy access; complex database

Influencer Adex offers easy access to all requested information according to your own filters. Data can be easily exported to crosstab formats. 25 variables help users to more deeply understand the market. Content from Instagram Stories and posts can be downloaded in picture or video file formats.

Get to know your competitors’ communication with Influencer Adex for more efficient planning!

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