The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world, and people’s behaviours and attitudes continue to evolve and react to the changing times.

The disruption to everyday life has, however, produced an interesting and positive side effect. In major cities across the world pollution levels have dropped to almost pre-industrial levels. This has given people a glimpse of the benefits a cleaner, more sustainable urban landscape.

But what does this mean for the future of mobility and public transport?

How will it change the way people travel to, across and within city landscapes?

Mobility Futures is a global study that explores how urban mobility is changing in the world’s major cities. It provides an understanding of today’s mobility challenges and paves the way for smart mobility and tomorrow’s opportunities.  In early 2020 it recognised the consumer need for change, the emotive nature of travel, identified the opportunity for travel sharing and revealed how different attitudes to mobility are by city. And much more.

The new report will be published in April 2021. It will speak to people in 13 major cities around the world to better understand:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on their habits, attitudes and plans in terms of mobility and remote working.
  • The impact of these behaviours on businesses.
  • The comparison of current and expected preferences and behaviours to pre-COVID-19 times to uncover emerging patterns and trends.

It will also put a new perspective on our 2030 forecast, with a focus on people’s mobility needs as well as traffic volumes.

Mobility Futures 2021 will answer the essential mobility questions:

  • How will travel behaviour and intentions change post pandemic?
  • Will positive motivations around the environment remain?
  • What are the new drivers of behaviour and preference?
  • How can you influence people’s travel behaviour?

Successfully integrating mobility across vast, complex urban environments is one of the greatest challenges facing legislators, municipalities, mobility providers and car manufacturers. Find out about the future of mobility and how Mobility Futures can inform those decisions.

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