Sophia Papadopoulos

Sophia, UK

“I truly believe that diversity groups cannot act in isolation. We are stronger together. We stand together. I hope you’ll join me.”
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Diego, Mexico

“Colleagues know that they can express themselves and be how they are without the fear of being judged.”
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Lora, UK

“Our differences bring a unique perspective and only by embracing and listening to everyone can we hope to unite in inclusion.”
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Husain, India

“We need to understand that our family and friendship circle will be made up of the LGBTQI+ community and acknowledge their rights.”
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Angharad Stevens

Angharad, UK

“Pride @ Kantar has not only empowered our colleagues but it has also taught me how to speak up for what I believe in.”
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Tim Peeney

Tim, North America

“Pride is about being proud of who I am, being part of a bigger community and movement, and not having to hide who I am and who I love.”
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Inclusion & Diversity at Kantar

We believe that everyone is unique, and will only be truly successful when they can bring their whole selves to work.
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