Protect your brand's reputation with reliable tracker data

If you conduct longitudinal research - you understand the impact the results can have on your company's decision making, and ultimately, your brand's reputation.

Don't risk it with poor quality data. 

If you results don't match reality or aren't stable, you could be wasting budget, time and resources.

When you work with Kantar’s Profiles division for surveying and sampling, trust you’re getting:

1. Access to the largest global panel reach with the industry’s most engaged panellists:

Find your most niche audience within our network of 170m people across 100+ global markets.

2. Real people who are they say they are:

Qubed, the #1 anti-fraud technology, catches more fraud than any other provider.

3. Qualified teams with decades of experience:

Our teams are best-in-class at managing fieldwork and blending sample sources for consistent, representative and reliable data returns.

Speak to our experts and learn more about our quality formula, and why our teams are trusted most to execute consistent tracker research for normalised data, wave after wave.

What “quality” means in numbers

1,000+ Trackers managed annually. Kantar Profiles executes more trackers than any other provider - giving us the experience you can trust.
170M+ Global respondents accessible from our proprietary audience network comprised of our approved list of suppliers and our owned panels - the largest network in the industry.
10+ Proprietary tools and techniques for testing validity of sources, respondents and responses 
30+ Years of experience managing online panels and blending sample sources. Our dedicated teams know how to deliver consistent and normative data for your analysis. 

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