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For more effective marketing and advertising, you need to truly understand the aspects of people’s personalities that serve as drivers and barriers to behaviour change. Marketers and advertisers for years have depended on research to guide decision making but have lacked a single tool that boosts effectiveness. Until now.

In this webinar, Kantar’s Jon Puleston shares examples from a multi-year collaboration with Ogilvy to fix the weak links in how we measure personality and make better use of behavioural science in marketing. With the practical application of this instrument and its findings, we can now reinvent personas, segmentation, and inform a better, more empathetically resonant crafting of message framing and content.

During this session, we will cover;

  • A series of experiments that explore human nature and people’s personalities
  • How a behavioural science approach can be pulled together as one comprehensive instrument for market research application
  • The value of the depths of insight you can gather from having a much more detailed and comprehensive understanding of an audience’s personality
  • How you can unlock the power of understanding people and transform your brand’s planning, innovation, communications and experience




Jon Puleston

Vice President of Innovation, Kantar, Profiles Division

Jon Puleston

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