About the study

Kantar recently asked 20,000 people in 10 different countries around the world about their happiness and self perceptions. We enquired about their lifestyle, expectations, goals, and what they thought would improve their lives.

Working with ESOMAR, we set six market researchers the challenge of exploring the hidden keys to happiness. We asked them to independently analyse the 130,000 open-ended comments collected from the survey to turn their verbatim data into insights.

Your challenge

Now it’s your turn. We’re making this data available to anyone who would like the chance to examine it and share their story back. ESOMAR is selecting one entry to secure a spot on stage at an ESOMAR 2022 event.

How to access the data and enter the challenge:

  1. Fill in the below form to request the data file and briefing
  2. Analyse the data and share: your approach to the data set, any learnings from analysing unstructured data, and the story you found
  3. Submit to rhiannon.bryant@esomar.org by 4 February 2022

Keen to know more about this research and stories already uncovered? Watch the 10 November 2021 webinar here.

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