Governments around the world are challenged to understand what the road to recovery from COVID-19 looks like. Societies are feeling the strain of not just the health implications of the pandemic, but wider economic and social consequences.

Soon after the COVID-19 restrictions began this year, we understood that the evidence our clients and partners in government needed to form their policy responses did not yet exist. Our unique infrastructure at Kantar has allowed us to create this evidence, contributing to the initial understandings of the social, health and economic impacts of COVID-19 on citizens.

Over the past few months, our work has given us the opportunity to understand so much more than the initial effects, and to provide rich insight into the unfolding challenges and solutions for public policy makers to build for a resilient recovery.

PUBLIC is Kantar’s new periodical journal offering insights, analysis, case studies, fresh perspective and global expertise on specific public policy topics, from both our own experts and high-profile public policy makers. This first edition ‘From Impact to Recovery’ focuses on COVID-19 and the citizen response.

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