Deep insights on the market and customers in an ever-changing world

In a world that is being rapidly disrupted by technological innovations, product life cycles have shortened significantly. This has directly impacted investment risk and business ROI. Concurrently, with timely identification and sizing of market opportunities, along with a robust customer-oriented Go-To-Market plan, technological innovations also provide a platform for disruptive growth.

In this complex environment, Business to Business (B2B) brands need to reconsider how best to engage with their customers, as relationships are no longer the sole remit of the sales function.

Deep insights on the market and customers, leveraging our unique and time-tested methodologies, coupled with an experienced team of B2B researchers, have helped us deliver a differentiated customer experience.

What sets Kantar’s Business-to-Business (B2B) research apart?

  • A repository of knowledge of diverse B2B & Industrial Marketing products and services, along with complete understanding of specific business challenges.
  • Our experienced team of researchers blend market research design rigor with desk research and financial data analysis to offer a unique insights-based consultancy service.
  • We go beyond technical research skills to specialising in brand guidance, brand strategy, creative development, media strategy, commerce, innovation and customer experience. This allows us to create customised consultancy and activation plans for your business.
  • Cutting-edge digital technologies give you the rich insight you need, faster than ever before.

We bring together insights from a broad range of rich data assets for a more holistic understanding of consumer motivations and behaviour.

We provide you with a clear vision of your growth opportunities, by combining best practice approaches and powerful new technologies to get actionable insights

At the macro level, we offer services covering:

  • Industry trends
  • The regulatory environment
  • Economic scenarios
  • International trade
  • Market overviews.

At the micro level, we offer services such as

  • Market Potential Assessment
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Demand Estimation
  • Market Entry Assessment
  • Pricing Insights for B2B Products and Services
  • B2B Brand Equity Assessment
  • Customer Segmentation
  • New Product Development
  • Lead Identification
  • Competitive Insights – strengths and weaknesses
  • Decision Process Mapping and Influencer Identification
  • Go-To-Market Insights – Distribution Mapping and Channel Perceptions
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Unlock full potential of your business with B2B market research from Kantar.

With accelerating changes in customer perceptions and a competitive business landscape, Kantar can ensure that you stay on track and make better business decisions.

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