Thursday 28 October


18.30 Incentive: In the footsteps of Dante (optional)

Please meet in the St Regis Hotel lobby

A short walking tour to introduce you to the life of Dante on his 700th anniversary of his death. We will discover the life and work of Dante, visiting the places that saw him protagonist and which influenced his poem, the Divine Comedy. We will hear about his life as a poet and as an important politician of his time and find out many curiosities about Florence in the Middle Ages.

19.30 Welcome Reception & VIP Dinner at SE-STO

Please meet in the St Regis Hotel lobby to depart for dinner.

22.00 Post-dinner drinks and networking

Complimentary accommodation at the St Regis Hotel, Florence


Friday 29 October

07:00+ Breakfast

Served in the Winter Garden Restaurant, Ground Floor 

08:30 Introduction

John McCarthy, Strategic Content Director, Kantar

08:50 Session 1: Maximising value (Strategy)

Audiences at the tipping point 

Keld Nielsen, Global Strategic Director, Kantar

Every business wants to grow its audience, but the time and spending power of viewers is finite, and the market is fragmented, varied and undergoing continual change. Against the backdrop of market change and disruption, the value placed on audience measurement to build, retain and engage viewers has become especially significant.  Keld will share a global snapshot of Kantar’s client latest experiences in how audience measurement has helped thousands of media businesses deliver on their growth strategies.

9:10 Strategy, Measurement & Monetisation

Martin Greenbank,  Head of Advertising Research & Development, Channel 4 (UK)
David Amodio, Deputy Head of Digital and Innovation, Channel 4 (UK)

Channel 4’s unique model of being publicly owned but commercially funded places one of the world’s boldest broadcasters in a unique position. With a new strategy unveiled last year how is audience data a value enabler for the broadcaster and their Future4 strategy? Martin and David will share an overview of the strategy, the role of audience data and its application in the thriving TV & Video marketplace.

9:40 The Auditel Total Audience

Davide Crestani, Technical and Scientific Director, Auditel

A progress report on the roll-out and implementation of Auditel’s New Screens project, Davide will share experiences and learnings to date, as well as a view of what’s next.

10:00 Networking & Coffee break


10:30 Session 2: Optimising investments

The business case for change:  A cross-media view from the Netherlands 

Johan Smit, Director, Nationaal Media Onderzoek (NMO)
Louise Ainsworth, CEO – EMEA, UK & Ireland - Media Division, Kantar

Earlier this year Kantar were chosen to work with the media industry and other research contractors create the world’s first integrated total audience measurement solution in the Netherlands. In this interview Johan and Louise will explore the vision behind the solution, the blueprint behind the build and the value it will deliver for the media & advertising industry.

11:00 Investor Panel: Audience crossroads

Moderator: Raffaele Pastore, General Manager, UPA

Roberto Baldassarre, Manager of Media & Sponsorship, Fastweb.
Paolo Brambilla, Chief Marketing & Research Officer, Dentsu
Federica Setti, Chief Research Officer, Business Intelligence & Insight, GroupM
Assunta Timpone, Media Director, L’Oréal

Media owners want to build a view of the total audience, Investors (Advertisers and agencies) want to activate their total campaign. How do we maintain a thriving marketplace for a converging TV & Video landscape? Our panel will explore the parallels, the evolution of existing currencies to the cross-platform challenge and reaction to the morning sessions.


11:30Networking & Coffee break


12:00Session 3: Measurement architecture

Changing dynamics in Audience Measurement: A spotlight on Europe

Tanja Hackenbruch, CEO, Mediapulse
Sjoerd Pennekamp, Director, SKO (KijkOnderzoek Foundation)

The European TV landscape is changing at a relentless pace.  In this session the leaders of the Swiss & Dutch TV trading currencies will share the vision for measurement in their markets, the choices and priorities they have made for their measurement design and how these are being applied and delivered to the industry.

12:30 Unlocking growth in a data-driven market

Fabrizio Angelini, CEO & Founder, Sensemakers

Fabrizio will present the latest results from Sensemakers “Boom Video Streaming” study, exploring the growth in connected TV, over the top and on-demand technologies, the opportunities for content and advertising and the impact on research.

12:45 Audiences unlocked: Kantar’s solution for measurement

Stuart Wilkinson, International Business Development Director Kantar

Data is the foundation of business decision-making and with more opportunities to leverage census data  it’s expanding possibilities. But successful businesses won’t unlock growth  without understanding the full picture of the audience they're seeking to engage, or by gaining a complete view of the competition.

Kantar and its partners have built the right solutions to meet the future fully prepared. Stuart will present the versatility, scale, technology and expertise now being deployed locally and  across the world to unlock audiences and drive growth for our clients.

13:05 Media owner Panel: Platforms to Growth

Moderator: Matteo Cardani, President of FCP AssoTV

Cristina Cattaneo, Head of Research, Discovery
Adriano Pescetto, Marketing Director (VP), Sky Italia

Amidst a sea of convergence, intensifying competition and business model disruption, our panel will discuss some of the biggest industry topics including new strategies to retain audiences, the role of CTV, balancing global interests and local environments and the role of currency measurement in an increasingly first-party data fuelled world.

13:35 Closing remarks


14:00 Lunch


15:00 Departures