Following the shock of the Covid pandemic, the travel sector continues to face an uncertain path ahead, as the rising cost of living and wider global issues like climate change further impact consumers and the industry.

In the recent Kantar Global Issues Barometer webinar, we highlighted the importance of holidays in people’s lives, despite financial constraints. There is opportunity for businesses that can heighten the joy and anticipation of holidays for consumers, and minimise the stress.

To do this, the travel industry must have a sharp focus on understanding the priorities of today’s travellers and where they’re likely to compromise. Through our research, we’ve identified 5 consumer segments, each with unique desires and expectations. And while the segments themselves may sound familiar, they are all reacting differently in this new world context. This opens up growth opportunities for businesses who understand what is most important to them now, and adapt their offers and communications to match.  


The report

We have identified 5 consumer segments, understanding their aspirations for travel and how they are responding to the pressures of evolving global issues. This allows us to uncover where they are likely to cut-back on travel, and which elements of the travel experience they are unwilling to sacrifice. This presents new opportunities through better meeting the needs of travellers in this new context.


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Kantar’s Global Issues Barometer asks over 11,000 people worldwide to tell us, in their own words, what issues are on their minds. It tracks what worries people and who they hold responsible for solving these crises to help brands navigate some of these complex issues. For this issue, we deep-dived how people are returning to the world of travel.

Watch on demand to find out:

 - What is really preying on people’s minds?

 - And how does this differ by country?

 - What impact is this cluster of crises having on expectations, priorities and behaviour?

 - What are brands and business held responsible for and what must they respond to?

 - As the western world returned from its post-pandemic holidays this summer, has the world of travel changed?

And much more… 

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