Since global travel ground to a halt in the spring of 2020 strategic initiatives have primarily focused on the immediate and urgent need to mobilise travelers and holiday makers around the world to pre-pandemic levels. Now as the dust somewhat settles industry leaders have reached the flowing consensus: we’re not going back, more change is to come.

As industry leaders embark on re-shaping an industry forever changed our team of strategic foresight specialists explore how global forces of change are set to impact the industry, opening up new opportunities and creating an industry fit for the modern traveler.

Are you prepared to weather the headwinds and tailwinds of change?


The report


We have analysed and identified the key drivers of change impacting the travel sector over the next 10 years, whilst providing visibility of new opportunities for brands.





Watch the webinar

In this webinar we:

  • Explore the five forces shaping the global travel industry

  • Highlight emerging opportunities within the travel industry from net zero travel to technologically-enhanced tourism

  • Explore strategies to help industry players future-proof against the headwinds and tailwinds of change


Watch the webinar

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