Kantar's Worldpanel Simulators take the guesswork out of your major decisions. Our new simulators will model and evaluate a range of 'what-if' scenarios, answering complex questions in just a few clicks.

By harnessing Kantar Worldpanel's unique behavioural data -captured from real shoppers over many years, we can help you to identify which strategy is most likely to win.

This applies across many of your key strategic areas which we know offer the key to growth. Whether assessing the incremental value of a new product launch, better understanding your marketing campaigns or assessing how to win in-store, we can help you. 

Innovation solutions

Pre-Launch Simulator

Understand the launch characteristics which give you the best chance of achieving your targets.

NPD Trajectory

Predict future penetration and frequency based on early in-market performance.

Assortment planning

Range Optimiser 

Understand the effect of removing SKU (s) across brands, stores and categories.

Range Builder 

Define the optimal number of SKU's which covers all shopper needs.

Price and Promotion effectiveness

Price Pack Architecture 

Identify the gaps in your pack price architecture and the impact of adding SKUs to fill these gaps.

Price Promotion Optimiser

Determine the optimal promotional strategy for your brand.

Media and Marketing effectiveness

Cross media optimiser 

 Understand the optimal media mix for sales or ROAS goals. 

What sets our predictive models apart?

Our Simulators have their foundation in real shopper data, both past and present. We decode complex shopper behaviour into market realities, making challenging questions easy to answer. With us, you benefit from expertise of specialists who guide you through the process, ensuring you receive accurate and actionable insights.

Assess the most likely scenario to win in the future
Quantify the impact of your decisions efficiently and avoid unnecessary risks, making reliable predictions for your business's future.
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