Graduate, USA

The spontaneity of my role as a Business Graduate keeps my mind invariably stimulated.
Amanda A, USA

I am part of the graduate scheme for Kantar’s Profiles division and it’s truly a unique position! The spontaneity of my role as a Business Graduate keeps my mind invariably stimulated, with challenges pitched my way from multiple business sectors. One day it may be monitoring client project management and building marketing campaigns, and another planning inclusion and diversity initiatives, constructing internal process flows and investigating product development items. I thoroughly enjoy the dynamic environment and managing to juggle many tasks at once.

In the past year I have had a chance to work on such a variety of interesting projects—from smart speaker research to producing and programming engagement surveys for our panel and analyzing financial services data, the list could really go on. One interesting project that I’ve been involved with, and is still currently in the making, is the creation of internal playbooks for our enhanced sample use cases. These documents will be vital for our teams to understand how to execute a successful data project. A pivotal part of my role in this project is gathering a list of key questions for our teams. These questions will be used in initial discussions with a client to determine the data use case best fit for the client’s research goals. So far, feedback on these playbooks has been awesome and I am excited to see the finished products be delivered to the business.

I chose Kantar for the amazing opportunity I have within this development program. There is nothing like it anywhere else! I am so grateful for being able to work with so many people across teams every day. Everyone is so supportive and inclusive. I love Kantar for the people, but I also love that I am constantly learning something new here. As I transitioned from undergraduate education to this role, I have not departed from a state of erudition, something I seek to maintain going forward.

Being a part of the graduate program has presented some really cool opportunities. I have had the chance to travel to some different Kantar offices to work on key initiatives for teams in specific locations. I also recently helped with Kantar’s campus recruitment efforts at Rutgers University! I look forward to what’s in store for year two…