Graduate, UK

I love the exposure you get through the graduate scheme and the amazing development opportunities this offers.
Ines C, Spain

I’m currently doing the Graduate Scheme for Kantar’s Profiles division, which is a 2-year programme that involves 6 rotations across the different areas of the business. So far, I have worked in ‘Sourcing and Sampling’, ‘Modern Survey Design’ and ‘Data’ and I am moving to the ‘Platform’ rotation next. The last rotations will be ‘Solutions’ and ‘Delivery’.

My days are very varied, as I’m working on multiple projects at the same time and with different teams. I tend to have one or two main projects in relation to my current rotation, which can be either individual or with the other Profiles Graduates. My daily routine involves working on these projects, answering emails and attending meetings where we update each other on the progress we have made so far. For example, at the moment I am working in a cross-Kantar project with our Media division, where I’m helping to create the operations process flow we need to get a new product commercialized. I am also part of the Social Committee and we have monthly meetings, where we plan the different social events.

I was part of the team that planned the activities for Extraordinary People Week for our Millbank office, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme. I am very passionate about helping others, and I love that Kantar has such a strong focus on giving back to our communities, through the fundraising activities, volunteering opportunities and the global partnership with Special Olympics. My involvement included contacting charities to find volunteering opportunities for our employees, attending weekly meetings where we planned the week’s activities and creating the internal communications to foster engagement within the office. As a result, we were able to offer to the people in the Millbank offices many different activities, from painting walls, helping the homeless, managing charity shops and collecting clothes and toys.

The main reason I wanted to work for Kantar is that it is a global company and one of the world’s largest research agencies. I was very interested in the fact that they had so many different areas of expertise as a research agency and that they worked with the largest brands and business.

One of the things I love about Kantar is the learning culture which encourages a growth mindset, and the many opportunities for training and development it offers to its employees. I also like the fact that is a company that wants to give back to the community, previously with its partnership with UNICEF and with Special Olympics now. In addition, I also love Kantar’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, through initiatives such as offering inclusive behaviour training, the development of the Inclusion Index and the creation of the Pride@Kantar group, and its strong female leadership presence across the different divisions – which shows its commitment to gender equality.

I love the exposure you get through the graduate scheme and the amazing development opportunities this offers. We have had development weeks between our rotations, where we could visit other Kantar divisions’ offices and learn from the experts, as well as Graduate Workshops with other Kantar Graduates from other divisions. All these opportunities help you to better understand the different areas across Kantar and how the different teams work and what they do, which is a very valuable experience.