Sales, UK

Because a lot of what we do has never been done before, it's fundamentally a creative challenge.
Jane O, UK

I head up the Media domain within Kantar’s Insights division, which helps clients with media effectiveness. Every day is different! In no particular order, I might be supporting our network of media domain experts to grow the business commercially, fielding client requests, liaising with other divisions in Kantar to improve our offer, speaking at conferences and client events, or developing our thought leadership.

I tend to be involved at the request stage, and then guide the client to the right team. One recent example was where a publisher client commissioned us to do a meta-analysis of our CrossMedia studies across a few regions. The next steps are presenting the findings at a number of the client’s own high profile events. I am delighted to be a spokesperson for Kantar, and regularly take part in events, TV and radio interviews, and hosting the Kantar podcast, Future Proof.

Believe it or not, I’m a qualified architect, so at heart I’m creative. I’ve led digital teams in advertising agencies, media agencies, and I’ve also been a client, marketing the Digital TV switchover. Working in media effectiveness research seems to tie it all together somehow. I love what I do, and I enjoy working at Kantar – it’s never boring, the people are great, and because a lot of what we do has never been done before, it’s fundamentally a creative challenge.