Graduate, USA

It is a great place to launch your career, where you will gain broad exposure to clients across all industries.
Julia S, USA

I am an analyst in the Consulting division at Kantar, working mainly on ROI and strategy projects. Day to day, my role varies tremendously depending on our projects and client needs. Some days I find myself on site with a client presenting findings, and other days I am in the office brainstorming ideas with my colleagues. Typically, I spend my time working in Excel or PowerPoint working on new proposals or analysing data to help tackle the most challenging questions for our clients.

This past year, we have been working with one major travel client to help them drive brand power and revenue growth through a deep understanding of critical segments. Through customer segmentation, we have uncovered meaningfully different consumers, including what matters most to customers and how to target them for improved experiences and effective communications. We were able to examine customers beyond just their views of travel and demographics to gain insight into their life attitudes and psychographics. Currently, we are embedding the segmentation framework throughout the organisation through action planning and media database linkage. It’s been an extremely rewarding experience to be part of the team to drive a difference and revenue for their business.

Working at Kantar has given me lots of exposure to interesting people and world class clients. At the analyst level, there is a great deal of responsibility and ownership, so analysts often find themselves presenting to clients early on in their careers. Kantar attracts driven people that work to foster a sense of community across the organisation. It is a great place to launch your career, where you will gain broad exposure to clients across all industries, have the opportunity to push your thinking, and work as part of a team.