Graduate, UK

Kantar offers a great balance of support and empowerment and a great culture that helps you grow.
Nikolina S, UK

I am part of the graduate scheme in Kantar’s Profiles division. It is a rotational scheme and therefore my role is very fluid. I’m spending time at different departments of the business, changing roles and projects every four months. This gives me the flexibility to get involved in different types of projects, doing different things almost daily. My typical day involves a lot of project management work, getting together with colleagues and clients to discuss next steps and make decisions. Depending on the placement, these meetings are of a different nature and relate to different topics, which is something that I thoroughly enjoy.

Variety is key for me and my day-to-day role definitely involves that! One of the most interesting projects I’ve been involved with was during my Modern Survey Rotation. I was part of a team working on the development of a personality scoring system, trying to improve our approach to measuring personality and making better use of behavioural science in marketing. My role was to analyse the data of the trial runs, make recommendations on how to improve the process, and add new variables and ensure a smooth, error-free transition from one trial run to the next. At the end of this, the team presented its paper at the ESOMAR Conference and won the best paper award!

After graduating I was very unsure of what I wanted to do. Market research sounded really interesting and the flexibility and variety of the rotational scheme at Kantar really appealed to me, as it meant that I’d be given the opportunity to explore different departments and avenues and would get to decide where I wanted to specialise after being exposed to multiple fields. Kantar has provided a great environment for me to learn and development myself both personally and professionally. Your colleagues are always happy to help you and support you on your learning journey but, at the same time, you take full ownership and responsibility for the projects that you undertake. Kantar offers a great balance of support and empowerment and a great culture that helps you grow.