Product Manager, Los Angeles

I am proud to be part of a company that shares many of my values, and that can make a meaningful difference to colleagues and clients alike

We spent some time talking to Sima, one of our Product Managers based in Los Angeles. She talked about what makes working at Kantar Marketplace quite so special.  
Tell us about your role and your team.  
I am part of the Kantar Marketplace team. Marketplace is our digital market research platform that empowers clients to run, track progress and view results of their market research studies. We’re helping to build the future of data & insights by automating market research, so that clients can get the insights they require when they need them, from a source that they know and trust.  
In my role as Product Manager, I guide the direction, strategy, and development of the version of Marketplace we are building for our larger, global clients. I enjoy any opportunity to work closely with stakeholders across our company: in business development, customer service, technology etc. and to hear their different perspectives on client needs, as well as possible solutions. The research and deep discussions with other team members is a real highlight of this role as it means we can uncover new ways to elevate our offering and deliver even more value for customers. 

What does your day to day look like?
A typical day for me involves a lot of meetings in the early part of the day to sync up with global strategy and development teams. In the early afternoon my schedule begins to open up for more focused roadmap and feature planning, as well as the testing of the functionality we are gearing up to deliver next. 

My days are always busy; but that’s part of what makes the role so interesting.  

Why did you decide to join Kantar Marketplace?
I joined Kantar two and a half years ago after many years working with start-ups. What drew me to the company was the increased stability and value-driven approach that came with being part of a large, well-established organization. Marketplace is sort of a start-up venture inside of the larger Kantar structure. It’s an exciting space with many of the advantages of a start-up such as high growth potential and an agile, test and learn mindset, but it’s supported by an institution with honed expertise and a long history of success in market research. 
What is the culture like?
Kantar fosters a warm and nurturing culture; on top of which leadership is always researching opportunities to improve the employee experience. I am proud to be part of a company that shares many of my values – environmental sustainability, mental health, and inclusion & diversity to name just a few - and that has the resources to make a meaningful difference in these areas for employees and clients alike.  

What I love most about Kantar is the people. Everyone I meet is smart and knowledgeable about their area of business, enthusiastic about their potential impact, and eager to help others.  Product Management involves a lot of collaboration, so supportive, welcoming colleagues are key to happiness in this role.  

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