Research, UK

I am surrounded by colleagues from different backgrounds, sharing the same enthusiasm for delivering insights.
Stephanie P, UK

I've been working at Kantar since 2009 and it is my first job out of university. If that is not testament to how much I love working at Kantar, I don’t know what is!

Five years was spent in the Philippines, where my formative years as a researcher strengthened as I partnered with clients from a range of sectors. Even then, Kantar celebrated my desire to grow, allowing me to pursue graduate school, certification via online course, and doing a teaching stint, while employed full-time. Best of all, they were supportive of me when I moved to the head office in the United Kingdom to make a global impact in research innovations and solutions development.

Since then, I have been a driving force in the creation and development of our fast, cost-effective and automated pre-testing tools for advertising. Through collaboration with amazing people in the business, we have been able to make a significant impact on delivering data to clients in as little as 6 hours, and contributed to GRIT50's recognition of Kantar as the most innovative research and insights company.

At present, I lead research innovation initiatives across Kantar for one of our key client accounts. Some days, that means evaluating our current research solutions and looking into how we improve them through advanced analytics and AI, behavioral data, etc. Other days, I explore new technologies and review how the industry can benefit from them. For example, how Conversational AI can build authentic connection between brands and consumers, which is supported by a recent chatbot study we’ve done that revealed how an effective home care solution can help women get back time in their day and have more ‘me time’.

Kantar continues to support my passion for bringing my ideas to stages like ESOMAR, University College of London, and client events – proof of the company’s commitment to furthering people’s careers and personal growth. Hence, I am surrounded by inspiring colleagues coming from different expertise and backgrounds while sharing the same enthusiasm for delivering insights. An environment like this motivates me to also do my share in promoting talent development by joining the Achiever Scheme committee, a Kantar initiative to support young researchers.