Apprentice, UK

I chose Kantar because they're an exciting company that continually grow alongside society.
Victoria G, UK

I am currently in the first month of my role as a Research Apprentice with Business Associate level 3, working within the Media and Digital domain of Kantar’s Insights division. Within my role I carry out administrative tasks, including arranging and decorating for the monthly drinks celebration, or helping my team complete their expenses and invoicing tasks. Alongside this I also get to work hands-on with clients by writing reports for some of their campaigns. All of this has been a great learning experience so far!

Recently I’ve been helping with research into a client’s Snapchat campaign. This has been great because it gave me first-hand knowledge of how different demographics respond to different creatives. This was also my first ever report, so it was a great way to get involved with the team’s work.

I chose Kantar because they’re an exciting company that continually grow alongside society. They work globally with lots of big brands that I know and love. Kantar also offer lots of support with buddy systems, as well as lots of training opportunities. This structure is great for anyone coming in at my level, as it means you’re not left in the dark about anything. Kantar is also a very social company with monthly celebrations… which is always a great way to keep spirits high!

This apprenticeship role is the first for my team and so far it has been a great learning experience. I’m very excited for what my future holds at Kantar.