Accelerated Answers launches with six-hour survey promise

05 August 2020

Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company today announces the launch of Accelerated Answers – a flexible, quick-turn survey solution designed to deliver real insights from real consumers in as little as six hours. Accelerated Answers is available to in-house research teams and agencies in 70 markets around the world and offers two levels of service:

  • Quick Managed Surveys:

A quick-turn solution takes ready questions and targets audiences or nationally represented groups fast. Project managed from start to finish, Kantar deliver tabulated data, answering five questions from 500 respondents in as little as 6 hours. Quick Managed Survey additionally offers fieldwork results for larger surveys and completes in 24- and 48-hours during weekdays or weekend-only surveys.

  • Templated Solutions:

Unique survey templates and sample audiences streamline programming, data processing and visualisation time by up to 50%. Templated Solutions automates those surveys that need to be repeated often such as product comparisons, concept tests, campaign effectiveness or tracking research.

“In today’s climate where speed of decision is increasingly critical and more organisations are managing their research in-house, Accelerated Answers collects insights from real people in the moment they are needed and provides brands and agencies with the speed, customisation and automation needed to empower in-house research departments to get answers fast and make decisions faster.” states Marc Ryan, Chief Technology Officer for the Profiles Division of Kantar.

“Answering five questions, with 500 completes in just six hours, Accelerated Answers sets a new standard in delivering human understanding at speed. Accelerated Answers, of course, also provides in-house and agency research teams with all the benefits of Kantar’s award-winning programming tools and innovative quality measures like Honesty Detector and machine learning-based fraud detection and the Kantar Profiles Network of over 100 million respondents, including 45 million enhanced sample respondents, enabling quality, consistent and engaged consumer responses.”

Discussing his experience of Accelerated Answers, Peter Dearborn, Senior Data Scientist Manager at SpottedRisk said: “Kantar provides a high degree of expertise and feedback. Their commitment to best practices has been key in our continued relationship. The platform holds promise as a useful intersection between simplicity, flexibility and reliability.”

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