Kantar Emerging Trends turns search data into the world's first cross-category trend prediction tool

22 June 2022
Cannes, June 22, 2022. – Kantar, the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company, today announces Emerging Trends, the first cross-category search prediction tool. From today, consumer brands can apply AI and advanced analytics to search data to forecast potential demand across both categories and markets. 

Kantar’s Emerging Trends toolkit applies AI and advanced analytics to eighteen years of search data, thousands of categories, close to two hundred markets and billions of data points. The approach is machine led but human-guided based on Kantar’s understanding of trend cycles.

We know that consumer preferences travel rapidly across the world from one market and category to the other. Beauty trends travel from Korea to the West, ingredients travel from food to beverages. Emerging Trends helps brands identify potential demand by helping marketers understand three stickiness factors: global market presence, multiple categories presence and brand independence. Answering questions such as: what are the next potential growth markets? which new ingredients will be relevant in my category? which new flavour or format should I launch?

Emerging Trends will help consumer brands ensure their innovations and communications are relevant to tomorrow’s consumer needs by identifying demand signals before they happen in their category or market, providing a better understanding of when and where to invest. The toolkit is also able to highlight opportunity areas based on global market trends. For example, through our toolkit we know that markets where beer consumption is in decline, there is an opportunity for Seltzers.

Stella Wilson-Haffenden, Product Development Director for Digital Analytics at Kantar highlighted “This is a completely new way to understand shifting consumer demand globally and across categories, with speed and at scale. Kantar’s proprietary toolkit identifies, classifies and quantitatively visualises candidate trends across thousands of categories across all languages and all markets. We also explore if candidate trends are likely to stick or fade to ensure relevancy. 

Example trends that consumer brands will be able to identify include ingredients, products features, needs, moments, occasions and sustainability movements as well as understanding which retailers, brands, influencers and celebrities could trend. Understanding if a trend will likely travel across a market or a category is something that consumer brands have been asking us to achieve for the last couple of years. We have researched different approaches and different data sources but the scale just wasn’t there. Emerging Trends finally provides marketers with more ammunition to make the right investment decisions, using the power of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. They will be able to address tomorrow’s consumer needs today”.

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