Kantar launches fully AI-powered creative effectiveness measurement tool

24 June 2020

Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, today announced the launch of Link AI, a fully automated, AI-powered machine to predict creative effectiveness.

Trained on Kantar’s market-leading creative effectiveness Link database, Link AI evaluates high volumes of digital video and TV ads with precision in 15 minutes or less.

Link AI delivers increased creative power and productivity at scale. It allows advertisers and their agencies to evaluate more creative assets with confidence, to optimize content and drive media and production efficiencies. Current use cases include: batch testing campaigns and/or competitive ads as they break, pre-screening ads early in the development process and use iteratively through revision stages, and evaluating versions of ads for multiple media platforms. During this time of rapid market changes and consumer sentiment uncertainty, advertisers are relying on Link AI to provide the fast, creative guidance they need to market effectively.

“Using AI and machine learning, Kantar continues to forge new innovative paths helping advertisers drive stronger marketing impact through creative,” said Dinesh Gopinath, Head of Product and Data Strategy for Kantar’s Analytics Practice. “Link AI is the fastest, fully automated, AI-powered solution to guide creative and media optimization available today. It answers questions on creative assets quickly, iteratively and at scale, decreasing time to market and increasing ROI for our clients.”

“Link AI not only provides speed and scale, it leverages extensive training datasets and decades of Kantar’s unique deep human understanding to provide guidance that translates directly to business results” said Chris Petranto, President, Kantar’s Analytics Practice for North America. “Brands and agencies can therefore be confident that they are making the right creative decisions, backed by experts in the category, with the most accurate and reliable data available today.”

Link AI is available now through an easy-to-use, self-service web application. Find more information about Link AI here.