Build your brand equity with powerful advertising. From identifying the optimal reach and frequency, to uncovering channels synergies, LIFT guides you through the intricacies of campaign optimisation.

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LIFT measures your campaign’s true impact on your Brand equity and business growth. LIFT analyses your tactics’ performance, isolate the impact of each channel on brand success and helps identify channel synergies.

Benefit from actionable insights on what’s working, identify how to best reach and impact your target audiences, in order to inform media-mix decisions for current and future campaigns. 


Key features

Established Results

Benefit from granular insights about your campaign elements' performance (sites, formats, creatives, channel lift, etc). 

Brand Lift

Measure confidently how your campaign affects your brand in the short term with metrics such as awareness, favorability & purchase intent, and long-term through our validated Meaningfully Different Framework.

Future Proof

Benefit from actionable insights to inform your media decisions and create impactful future campaigns.

Media reactions 2023
Media Reactions 2023
Discover the top-ranking media channels and brands in 2023 and the best environments for your ads.
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